Bliss — Hannah Jane Nancarrow

It’s all so fragile, so precious, so delicate and enchanting. Everything, everyone around us has adventures and choices and experiences approaching. They each have occurrences, happenings, developments which will change their circumstances, alter the scenery of their paths and take them beyond our own horizons. War, destruction, disease, shift, strain, loss, grief, hurt, conflict even now are approaching us. They’re coming and […]

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The Guest House — Hannah Jane Nancarrow

I’m the emotional type. On any given day (sometimes any given hour), I experience every feeling of the emotional rainbow. I might feel happy and hopeful in the morning, anxious in the afternoon, nostalgic and sentimental in the evening. There are times when I’m wrought with sorrow, other times I’m flagrantly joyous. Some may dismiss my wide range of emotions […]

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Water Crystals — Hannah Jane Nancarrow

Several years ago I read the New York Times Best Seller “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto claims that water can react to positive and negative thoughts and words (which was later proven to be based on bogus science). In his book, Emoto includes pictures from experiments which seemed to prove that frozen water crystals formed brilliant, complex […]

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Feel the Fear — Hannah Jane Nancarrow

“Feel the fear and do it anyway!” ― Susan Jeffers I’m afraid I’ve spent a lot of my life in fear. I’ve lived in fear of failure and sickness. I’ve feared pain and rejection and loss and embarrassment. I’ve lived in fear of change and loneliness, of judgment and criticism. I’ve even lived in fear of heights and the […]

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Ride for the Brand — Hannah Jane Nancarrow

Congregation, colony, brood, army, mob, crowd, clique, network, club, circle, team, party, group, troop, flock, gang, band, clan, herd, pack, tribe, kin, kinfolk, ohana, família. All different names for the same thing; the collection of intertwined individuals with whom you surround yourself. Ie; family. Whatever you call it, however it’s formed, the collection of individuals […]

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The Lighthouse — Hannah Jane Nancarrow

When I was in fourth grade my class spent a month learning about lighthouses. I became totally fascinated by lighthouses — enthralled by their role as beacons, warning of treacherous waters, and as coastal chaperones, guiding sailors into safe harbors. My dad always took an interest in my interests, doing everything he could to cultivate and nurture my passions. He took me to nearly every lighthouse within […]

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Special Things

Hannah Jane Nancarrow

We are a culture of things. We are driven, propelled, and compelled by our desire for things. We want new things, fancy things, shiny things, valuable things, the latest and greatest things money can buy. We acquire, collect, stock, store, and even hoard things. But there comes a time of reckoning, an occasion when we must account for all of our things. Often this reckoning comes in the form of moving.
Moving is ranked among the top 5 most stressful life events. Alongside death, divorce, major injury or illness, and losing a job, moving is one of life’s most intrinsically distressing experiences.And that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks.
The home I’m moving out of has been owned and occupied by members from both sides of my family for three long generations. Perpetually inhabited by musicians, my house sings the songs of a cacophony of memories, both…

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The Good Stuff (part 2)

Hannah Jane Nancarrow


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Life can be rough.

We walk through spiderwebs, have run-ins with HOAs, meter maids, and speed traps. All too often we wake up to find that we have horrific zits, and wrinkles, and stretch marks, and that the cat has blatantly pooped on the floor (or maybe that’s just at my house). We’re surrounded by wars and shootings and migraines and breakups. We have car registration and rent and taxes and bills to pay. We breakdown, stress out, and mess up. Stuff happens. But I’m tired of focusing on the sad stuff, the bad stuff, and the downright crappy stuff. I want to again pay tribute to the stuff that makes us smile, the stuff that makes us grateful, the stuff that makes us LAUGH. Here’s to the good stuff (part 2)

Here’s to unseasonably warm weather, friendly strangers and the perfect haircut. To dropping your phone without it shattering, and…

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About Love

I got a chance to chat with a client today; she’s a really beautiful and kind lady, a 2 1/2 year cancer widow. We got to talking about Valentine’s Day and she mentioned that, this year for Valentine’s Day she received a beautiful bouquet of roses from a wonderful man. She was so touched and flattered […]

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Hannah Jane Nancarrow

I’ve always been an early riser. Not a 6AM early riser, or even a 5:30AM early riser — I’m a 4AM kind of girl. Maybe I’m a masochist, but really I just have a love affair with early mornings; each is reminiscent of my favorite Robert Frost poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay. I’m in love the crispness of the air, the faint rustle of leaves as they eagerly await their brief chance to be golden with the rise of the sun. I feel peace on the empty roads and abandoned beaches, as the vestiges of natural landscape glimmer with whispering critters, most of which I long to cuddle and have as pets. I’m in love early mornings because they’re not insistent; they don’t demand that I accomplish tasks, solve problems or make plans. Early mornings don’t expect me to look presentable, speak logically or act even accordingly — early mornings allow me to just be

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