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I recently disappeared from my weekday newscasts on Fox 5 San Diego. Boy has that led to a lot of questions! So, let this post serve as my Wikipedia page.

First things first…Was Loren Nancarrow fired?

Heck no! I love my employers and last time I checked, they feel the same about me ( I ask them all the time). I am on extended sick leave—something to do with a brain tumor. It’s a bad one and I’m undergoing chemo and radiation for it right now. My mind is just fine but the blob left my right hand sort of useless. This seems like a good time to introduce you to my daughter, Hannah, who types as I dictate and manages my new online persona. In other words, she’s my right hand (Hey guys, I’m Hannah).  Not sure when I’ll be back on T.V. but I am working toward that goal.

How old is Loren Nancarrow?

I’m too damn young to retire—but old enough to get a discount at the movie theater.

Where is Loren Nancarrow from?

I was born in Seattle, Washington but moved to Miami, Florida before I formed any impressions of the Northwest. Stayed there long enough to know I like palm trees. I grew up in Fairfield County, Connecticut. My dad opened retail stores for a big chain and by the time I went to 1st grade, he’d settled down into managing them. Connecticut is a great place to grow up—clear meandering creeks, gorgeous ancient hardwood forests, thousands of lakes with rope swings. Get the picture? Currier and Ives postcard. Just one problem with Connecticut: November to May. Remember, I like palm trees. From the time I arrived as a 6 year old, I had them stuck in my mind and vowed to return to their lack-of-shade—somehow, someway. I was the youngest of 4 kids so by the time I graduated high school my parents seemed happy to have me go far away—I did. I packed my bags and headed West to the booming metropolis of Goober Gulch, New Mexico. On Mapquest it’s called Portales. That was my home for the next 5 years.

Who were Loren Nancarrow’s parents?

As I mentioned, my dad was a department store executive. He worked a lot and our relationship was sorta like that Harry Chapin song “Cat’s in the Cradle”. My dad died in 1990. My mom also worked but her true passion was the theater. I’d often come home and hear yelling in the house and worry that there was a family fight. Thankfully, it was just my mom practicing for her latest role in one community theater or another. She’s still “acting out” at 94.

Who is Loren Nancarrow’s wife?

For the past 27 years I’ve been married to the former Susie Fleming, a local girl who grew up in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and graduated from San Dieguito High School. She is the amazing love of my life and the person who makes me look better and smarter than I am. She owns her own real estate brokerage, Nancarrow Realty Group. Forgive me (a moment of pride) but she’s the best Realtor in the country. I’m crazy about her.

How many kids does Loren Nancarrow have?

Susie and I have 3 kids. The oldest is Graham (24 years old and not named after the cracker). He’s a real estate agent and rising country singer/songwriter in a band, ironically named, Nancarrow. Our second is Hannah Jane (23 years old  and not named after the Hootie song) is  typing this as I speak. She’s a social media marketing genius who inherited my short legs—and big head. Number 3 is Britta (19 years old and not named after the water filter). She’s a sophomore at C.U. Boulder and lovingly came home ’til we get this whole cancer thing worked out. Visit her at the hostess desk at Jake’s Del Mar—tell her Loren sent you.

Why does Loren Nancarrow wear cobalt blue nail polish?

Funny story, on the day I got out the hospital following brain surgery, Susie wanted to get a mani/pedi (or whatever you call them) and I went with her.  So, I jokingly said I wanted to get my nails painted and Susie said that cobalt blue is a healing color. And…BOOM….blue nails. I posted a picture of them that night. Within hours local radio host, Sam Diego, showed up on my newsfeed with his own cobalt blue nails. A movement was born. Since then, I have received hundreds of pictures from you, showing your support in a colorful way. All I can say is “Thank you. It’s touching.”

My Life in the past 2 months is not something I asked for but I accept it and I see it as my latest journey. My senses are sharper, my appreciation is deeper and each experience holds more wonder. Thank you for all the concern you’ve shown and for the kind things you’ve said about my writing.



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51 comments on “FAQs
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  4. I used to see you give the evening weather report from Cardiff Beach, when I was walking my dogs. You always made me smile. You were having such a good time. I even met you at the Quail Gardens Gala, many moons ago. Now you are courageously and generously giving us a window to this serious passage in your life.Thank you for including us. I hope we can all lift you through this wild ride. But I know that Susie and your kids are the ones who can do that the best. I walked my dad through a bout with a brain tumor, ten years ago. Amazingly, It wasn’t the glioblastoma that eventually caught up with him. He beat that. Even at a ripe eighty three years old. Take heart, find courage and insight where ever you can. I am among many who are grateful for the bright spot in my day, that was the evening weather report. All my Christmas trees sip Loren’s Famous Christmas Tree Elixir. Thank you thank you thank you. Fight the good fight. Remember that miracles do happen. I see it over and over again.
    Chelsea McGraw

  5. Pamela Doroshuk says:

    We miss you on your TV broadcast!!

    I am doing research on various alternative cancer treatments — I have had 3 fathers and 1 brother die from cancer — and ran across this one site that specializes in brain tumors: http://www.burzynskiclinic.com/

    Dr Burzynski has a long successful record beginning in 1970’s, (Hannah, you can check it out on the web) with a good success rate — with people are given less than 3 months to live by “conventional” doctors. The FDA is now doing Clinical trials on his procedure — I do not know the details of your diagnosis, but you might check this out. I would do this, if I had a brain tumor.

    The Gerson clinic also has a good success rate (since 1970’s in the states — they also have a clinic in Europe), and it is here in San Diego. It is a lot of work to follow, but my adult son has a benign tumor (in his neck) and has done this protocol to keep it from it turning malignant. I have met Gerson patients who are over 20-year survivors. I am not sure what their brain tumor success rate is, but their approach consists of helping the body prevent disease, maintaining health, and detoxifying the body through specific organic foods/juice protocol, which includes supplements and coffee enemas. (When the cancer starts to break down, you need to help your body get rid of the toxins — especially if you are taking drugs.) This aids whatever else you are doing to build health.

    Both of these approaches, have had a good success rates with minimal side effects. (I have not gone to Burzyski’s clinic, but there are many people who have survived (or their children were patients) and you can find them on the internet (off their site).

    I just wanted to share these 2 that have track records. I would be glad to give you more info, if you want me to email it to you or phone. You have my contact info below.
    (You can also delete this post, if it is too long.)

  6. Anne says:

    Hi Loren, nice to have a peek into your life. I’m glad that you made it to SD and I’ve been able to enjoy you since I moved here. Keep it up- you’ve been an inspiration and I love the way you’re living your life. Still sending you good thoughts.

  7. Ted aka: "SHRED" says:

    We met at the Cardiff Kook “shark attack” scene. I talked to you about the fin moving towards the statue…anyway Loren…all my good thoughts and good vibes your way brother.

  8. Lisa Silverwood says:

    Hi Loren and family,
    My heart goes out to you and you are in my prayers! My daughter suffered with brain cancer 10 years ago and is our miracle! She was 16 yrs old at the time and such a terrifying and difficult time for the whole family! We were blessed with a wonderful community of friends and family ! And great doctors here in San Diego! God bless you and trust in his great care ! You cannot go wrong. Everyone is praying and cheering you on to healthy days ahead! Blessings. Xo

  9. Beth says:

    I love this post, Loren! I was laughing each time you added the quip about your kids’ names! I am a big fan of Graham’s music! Keeping you in my prayers!

  10. Gael Munro says:

    Loren love your posts (Thanks Hannah) Wish my son was still here to hear them (what a great idea) Sadly he earned his wings last September after a 17 month battle with BC. Forever 27 😦 Your up beat style and humor are I am sure an inspiration to many, Nick would have loved your style! Even as you face your own battle remember,you can do this. “no one fights alone” we are with you…Strength and hugs to you and your family. Go Loren!

  11. Susan Paulson says:

    Love the blue nails…. yes, very healing! xxxxo

  12. Anonymous says:

    You are an amazing man! It would be fun to get all your friends who play guitar together and those that don’t for a music session at the beach with drum circle to follow, when you return from your excursions!.

  13. Nenette West says:

    As always, it is good to read what Hannah has typed for you! Thanks Hannah! I wish you and your family well!☺☺☺

  14. Linda says:

    Oh Loren, your words evoke so much to think about. Thinking all the best for you and your family!

  15. fran smith says:

    God Bless you, Loren. You are in my prayers.

  16. Janis Pollard says:

    Love the humor and the insights. Nice way to get your daughter as your secretary… ; )

  17. Jeanette says:

    Loren, you are so inspirational! Thank you for sharing some of your family history & life with us. We always wondered, “who is Loren”! Keep up the fight. We stand with you. I walked the beach below South Carlsbad State Beach yesterday and thought of you. Hoping you enjoy many sunsets to come. We love you.

  18. Fran Perry says:

    Love you all. I loved this letter because of all the years I’ve been a fan, I always wanted to know the family behind the man. My thoughts are with you. Fran P.

  19. tacreate says:

    Thanks for your update. You would have enjoyed our monthly http://www.sdbtf.org BT support group meeting last night at UCSD Moores Cancer Center. Many inspirational people attend to brighten everyone’s day, sprinkled in with updates on their present realities. My being a 25+ yr. BT survivor, with a recurrence of growth, I’m grateful for the support of this great group you never want to be a part of. Keep on keepin’ on!

  20. Christian says:

    Dear Loren,
    My wife and I really enjoy your blog and she has cobalt blue nails. I am the chef from Casa de las Campanas that you came to start a compost with. I was the one who picked the stinging nettles. I want you to know you are in our thoughts everyday and if there is anything you want cooked at anytime I am there for you. Keep up the fight and what a wonderful way to bond with your daughter.

  21. Anne Slagill says:

    Saying prayers for you and wearing cobalt blue on my toes. Wishing good things for you btw I have always enjoyed your work. I had a kidney liver transplant this year so I know a bit about angels count on them.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Love your blogs, Lauren. Thank you Hannah for taking care of your dad and typing his blogs. We love them!

  23. Jackie Owens says:

    Nice to hear from you again. Hoping you are not getting to ill with the chemo and radiation. Nasty stuff. continuing my prayers for a total recovery. Jackie

  24. jayne says:

    sooooooooo glad you are including audio with your blog! because I miss your voice as much as your twinkly eyes .. and of course that slightly pesky grin of yours Loren .. as though you always have a little something hidden up your sleeve…which you do.
    😀 keep breathing in that great sea air *hugs*

  25. Barbara M. says:

    Hi Loren, I have a idea for you. Practice daily on how to write with your left hand. It will make you feel like you are a kid again. It is possible to write with your non-dominate hand. Good Luck on your journey & experiencing the joys of life in the moment. A Fan

  26. Shari Tebbe says:

    Loren,I had no idea about your illness, I have been recovering from a serious illness also and I know how healing a positive attitude is. With your wonderful joy of life healing has already begun…in the mean time, I will pray for you and yours every day. God bless, Shari

  27. Nanci says:

    Good Morning Loren & Hannah,
    When I don’t hear from you for awhile I begin to wonder if all is well. Like all the other comments, you brighten my day. All your fans out here are getting to know the Loren we all love on a deeper level. My nails recently all broke off. When they get some length I’m headed to the salon for Colbalt Blue. When I see someone with the same color I’ll know you have touched their life. Love the latest pictures with the pouches. Our best friends forever and always there for us. Loren, I have a wonderful friend whose son had inoperable brain cancer. Like many, the family went on a quest to find something to beat the big “C”. They did! A liquid made in Texas but can’t be sold in the states was obtained. Cancer completely gone for over 15+ yrs. if interested email me and I will pass long the information. It’s a beautiful day, hope you get to sit by the shore to enjoy it. Hugs to you.

  28. OK, who are your kids named after? Oh yeah, Love your show….

  29. Dawn Sherertz says:

    You and Hannah keep up the good work. Lots of prayers go out for you every day but your attitude alone will keep a lot afloat that may have similar problems. We all handle things differently but you are one of th best.

    Hugs, The Sherertz

  30. Priscilla says:

    Hi Loren , I was a big TV fan and now I’m a blog fan. Sure enjoy all your writing. I have a traumatic brain injury from a car accident a year ago so my life changed and slowed down. I have more time to smell the roses and more time to check for your words of wisdom. Keep em coming. You have a wonderful way with words and now have a new way to keep us all hooked. You have a lovely family. Hi Hannah!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Loren, I love the way you decribe your lovely Susie! it’s a very special thing that you two have.

  32. Hey Loren/Hannah, you make me smile every time I open my email and see a post. Your charm and wit and perspective are appreciated. You are missed on TV but I like this even more personalized communication! Take care, I could use a hug if you’re ever in the ‘

  33. Beverly (Klopfer) Sanders says:


    You have grown up to be an amazing, talented person, although I remember you as a spunky little blonde haired kid in Conn. Your approach to life as it is now gives others strength to face their problems big or small. Your words have me stopping to smell the roses and seeing everything around me–sitting outside with my dog early in the morning, having a cup of coffee, watching the sunrise and listening to the birds wake up- total peace. Thank you for reminding me about such wonderful things and not to be in such a rush. My prayers are with you and your family. I look forward to opening my e-mail and reading your next story…Su (your sister & my best friend) will keep me informed on everything else. Warms hugs, Bev (Klopfer) Sanders

  34. Sofia says:

    Thank You Loren for sharing what it’s like to live as if you were dying. It has changed my life. You inspire me and thousands of others by your expressions of how you see life now. Makes one wonder….what is it going to take for us to be living in the moment as you are?
    I look forward to your posts. I’m praying that God will remove your “blob” and make you brand new again.
    I do believe in miracles.

  35. Carrie M says:


  36. Cheryl Falk says:

    Loren, did you happen to Valerie Harper on the Dr’s Monday? It was a very uplifting program. She is facing her brain cancer a lot like you. It is a hard diagnosis to deal with, but you two are amazing. Sorry you and your family have to go through this. I lost my dear father to cancer last October. We lived this journey with him for four years, always hoping for a cure. We know Dad went to heaven and that helps knowing he knew his Lord. We are waiting impatiently to see him again. It is a journey none of wants but there are good things that come of it. Praying for you and your family and the journey you are on. Cheryl

  37. Jim says:

    I lived in San Diego for many years and even though I live out if the area, my heart still lives there. You have always been one of my favorite media folks and was saddened to hear about your journey. I have been following you on the blog and wanted you to know that we pray for you and your family and wish you the very best in the future. Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us.

  38. Anonymous says:

    You are amazing Loren! Your great attitude, your humor and the love of your family and friends are going to get you through the hard times. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep that good spirit!

    Leslie. SR

  39. gerryn ordstrom says:

    we all love you Loren and wish you good luck been watching you along time even on chanel 8 loved your plant stories

  40. Joanne Monia says:

    Next time I go for a pedicure I am going Cobalt!! Love following your blog and look forward to it….when it’s been a couple days I wonder when the next one is coming……keep up the great work….thanks for sharing about your family…..you may have a new calling….praying for you everyday….and remember DSB…..Don’t Stop Believin’ ! 🙂

  41. JJ says:

    Thanks, Hannah, for being your dad’s right hand so we can hear his voice and thoughts. Both of you are appreciated and held in my thoughts.

  42. Kelly says:

    We love you, Loren! Thank you for letting us in to your life!

  43. Barbara Decker says:

    Your voice has always been strong, but it seems to me you’ve stumbled upon a different calling. Your personality resonates with so many, and I think your voice has become stronger. I enjoy your blog, as you share this deeply personal path with the world. Thank you for your honesty, your musings and for trusting that our community embraces you and supports you on this journey, and all the ones to follow.

  44. Jeanie Caldwell says:

    God bless you on this journey and another chapter in your life spins forward. I love your positive thinking. Keep up the good work.
    My son had brain cancer and a stroke at 15. Our family lost him at 39 in 2009. There is hope and prayer ( even if people don’t believe) is a powerful thing. You are in mine. My best to you and your family. They are living this journey with you.

  45. Ruthie says:

    Love your show!! xoxox -Ruthie

  46. you are an inspiration to many. God Bless and keep rockin those blue nails! ♥

  47. Bless you Loren, you are an inspiration!

  48. Anonymous says:

    I need to get myself some of those blue nails!

  49. Loren
    Thanks for giving us a peek at your life and we continue to lift you up in prayer. Remember to keep eating those oranges and the avocados will be ready soon!

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