Condors & Cancer

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A pair of California Condors flew over us, bright and early one morning. I marveled at their unmistakeable white wing markings. And then I threw up.

That’s the kind of week it was. Rare and beautiful—–and dark and scary. Susie and I are back from a road trip. I was eager to share with her some of the rural scenes along the California coast I’ve covered as a T.V. reporter. We made it as far North as Carmel before heading East into Paso Robles wine country and back to the coast again.

I’m not allowed to drive. Something about brain surgery and seizures. So I spent the week as copilot as Susie winded up Highway 1 and then East through the oak forests and bright sunshine. We’ve been together for 30 years so we know each other pretty well. Having read Susie’s blog entry from those days, I see how I may have been having more fun than she was. A little under the weather, I slept for some of the trip on the bed she’d made for me in the back of the RV. She drove and worried. I slept and recovered.

The condors are  part of a captive breeding program in an effort to save the species. The throwing up is part a cancer treatment program in an effort to save just one man. The meds that keep my brain from seizing can be toxic to the liver in high doses. My dose was too high—causing my road trip sickness.

Now that we’re home and I’m taking the right meds—I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in months. My right side has feeling and movement again. I’m able to button my own shirts, tie my own shoes and brush my own hair—you know, the stuff adult men take for granted. I want keep this good feeling going.

But more than anything, I want to get some doctor’s visits out of the way, pack up the van and hit the road again. Eastern Sierra this time. There’s an illusive marmot I want to find.

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62 comments on “Condors & Cancer
  1. Gerry Nordstrom says:

    Loved you since channel 8 many yrs ago .Loved your garden tips. Keep up the trips and enjoying all the sites on your adventures .I love reading them . Take things slowly . you have a lovely family. Gerry

  2. B says:

    Very good, i like you.And say and say ………. It’s greatttttttttttt……..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Loren,
    I love road trips and the eastern Sierras are beautiful. I spent some time at the Markleeville Hot Springs off Hwy 89 years ago. I drank the water at the campground and spent the next 9 hours throwing up every 45 minutes. I almost died in my sleeping bag.
    When I moved to San Diego you were the first image that came on the screen when I switched on the TV. You’ve been my newsman ever since. I like your style. And besides I get reminded of you every time I go down the cereal isle at the grocery store.
    Walter is doing pretty good holding down your job but it will be nice to see you back in your chair not just on my cereal box.
    Your Fan,
    Steve G.

  4. ❤ your posts!! thank you fro reminding me of whats really important. Peace and love

  5. Shirls says:

    Thank you for your blog. You are an encouragement not only to those that are facing many dangerous challenges but also to those that are not. Your comments, stories, adventures (love your voice) makes us stop to appreciate the little things we take for granted. In the words of Tim McGraw’s song, we all need to ‘live life as we were dying’ or in your case, getting stronger everyday.

  6. Kim Manson says:

    I’m so glad I found out where you have been, fighting to live. I have been on my own health journey, kidney dialysis for seven years, transplant list for three and one half years. Yes, each day is a challenge and a great gift. I want to be positive and look forward it takes too much energy to be negative. Bless you and your family, I look forward to reading more of your writings. Hang in there the alternative is not so hot. Lots of love, KimM.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Glad you are able to brush your hair 😉 Hugs to you, Susie and the family.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s so wonderful to hear your voice, telling us of your trip with Susie. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Priscilla says:

    Hey. Love the updates even the throwing up ones. I just spent the last three days with a throwing up grandson….age 21, they still need you. Anyway, glad you are getting the meds right and hitting the road again. Oh and thanks for playing your old gardening hints on your blog. I picked up a great tip on using vinegar on the weeds on my patio! Thanks Loren! Love it! So much better than a chemical that my little shih tzu might ingest!!

  10. Jennifer Perrino says:

    Thank you for sharing Loren. I look forward to reading your posts. Take care and glad you are feeling a bit better. Keep it up!

  11. Peacewolf says:

    Dear loren
    Sound to me like you are rather spiritual not so much religious. Maybe some mindfulness? Keep it up 🙂 its wonderful to be able to hear your voice.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share this journey with you. I hope you are benefiting from this blog as much as your readers/listeners are.
    Peace is everyday
    Ps thich nhat hanh is coming to deer park

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