Fired Up

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You haven’t heard from me in a while — and that’s because I’m sick of talking about being sick. Yesterday, I was released from my third hospital stint. I spent 5 days on the oncology floor, engulfed in the sights and sounds of cancer. But as I was lying there, I hardly thought about cancer at all. Instead, my attention was focused on a different type of sickness: hurricanes, tornados, wildfires — in greater and greater numbers and intensities.

In the late ’90s I visited the White House where President Clinton and Vice President Gore revealed some troubling news to a small group of environmental journalists. Something was happening, something BIG: climate change. Over these last 15+ years, I’ve interviewed leading climate scientists who have gathered convincing data showing greenhouse gases are having lethal effects on our planet.  Yet, billions of dollars have been spent in attempts to discredit the science and deny the changes. Now, an increasing number of researchers conclude that it may be too late to avoid the worst effects of climate disaster. But we can’t give up. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to keep trying.

As for me, I’m still kickin’. Hanging out with the fam (in the van), making stuff grow and learning that there’s still a lot of places to go! And if there’s anything to report on my garden or my cancer, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, as the Midwest floods and spins out of control and the West burns, I hope you’ll channel all this destructive energy into good. And I hope you’re compelled to take your own action.

You can start here.

Peace out,


If you want to learn more about the local impact of climate change, check out The San Diego Foundation’s 2050 Study by clicking here.


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48 comments on “Fired Up
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  5. Carrie M says:

    Sending healing love and light

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  7. Shirley Johnson says:

    Loren you are such an inspiraration. Fight the good fight. Tons are praying with you. You will prevail. Best Wishes to you and your lovely family. El Cajon

  8. gary and betty stewart says:

    it sounds like you are doing and having a good time, that is so wonderful, GOD is keeping his loving arms around you! keep up the good pace and prayers are always coming your way, for you and for your beautiful family! blessings!

  9. Karen Marsh says:

    well Loren everyday you hear about the bad weather, i don’t know what you want to call it but its here….tornado’s. floods. wind.snow.rain,whether it be climate change or something else we need to look up from our lives and take heed. Also the cruel treatment to our food -animals and our pets and any animal here on earth its all gone wrong, what is up? are we so mean and stupid? just don’t know.
    PS i like the first comment on John Coleman thinking its Bunk, ha coming from the worst dancer ever im sick of it, whew had to say it 🙂
    One day at a time Friend, that’s all we can do.

  10. Dianna White says:

    What is your take on climate change and global warming that the weatherperson (John Coleman) on KUSI says is bunk?

    I know you must be tired of talking about your illness, but by letting others into your world, you are helping those who have trouble sharing their feelings with family and friends. It gives them an avenue to say, “Yeah, that’s what I’m feeling… That’s what I’m going through… This is pure Hell and I wish I could share it with someone who understands so I won’t worry my family!” You are their voice when they can’t speak and you will be the voice of help for them.

    My Prayer for you is that you have someone you can speak with so you can vent those feelings, and sometimes tears, that can be so hard to share with loved ones. You need that.


  11. Donna Mazon says:

    Hi Loren!
    Just a note to let you know that I’m sending you boatloads of good healing vibes your way. Continue to fight the good fight.
    You are missed on Fox 5.
    With love and prayers.
    Donna Mazon

  12. Susan R. Wise says:

    Hi Loren: Julian & I are very happy to read your current “installment” and health update. Having your darling wife, Susie and adorable children close by, is such a constant comfort! The travels in your van, I’m sure are extraordinary and hopefully many “photo opportunities” are revealing themselves! You are continually in my thoughts & prayers. Keep on “enjoying Life to the MAX!” Hugs, Susan & Julian Wise

  13. Sofia says:

    Hi Loren….thank you for keeping us posted on everything that’s going on in your world. I know that you area going to pull through this…your positive attitude and willingness to help others is amazing. Keep fighting and know there are hundreds, if not thousands of people who care about you and love you.

  14. Cat says:

    Glad you are out of the hospital. For sure there is no place like home. I am sure some will read my next line and moan, cringe and have a bit of a fit. I believe the “man made” global warming or climate change stories are not true. It sure has made Mr. Gore a very wealthy man and I don’t trust him and the doom peddlers. I am sure this will fire you up! I still appreciate your struggle and wish you all the best. I have been through a hellish cancer ride with a family member and I know it is hell most days. Having a special moment each day makes it tolerable. We had days we laughed so hard I thought it would kill her but it didn’t. Live it up, laugh out loud and don’t worry about the planet, everything is just fine. Really, it is.

  15. jan gardner says:

    So sorry you had to be on the floor. Couldn’t they have found a bed for you? Sorry, could not pass that up. All kidding aside, I love reading your posts and you have always inspired me about gardening. Now that I am retired, I spend most of my time in my tiny garden and love every minute of it. Good health to you and your family.

  16. monica way says:

    Always have gotten you and your knowledge about many things. You have inspired me.You have inspired soooo many of us here in San Diego over the years ! Godspeed.

  17. Marti Wilmot says:

    You are so amazing, so awesome – thank you for posting, for thinking about the big picture. You, and what you do, are important.

  18. Sheri M. says:

    Ahh, Loren, still educating and caring for all of us and our world. The world is truly a better place because of people like you!

  19. Sheri Pacitto says:

    Thinking of you a lot!!!

  20. Thanks Loren. Good to hear you, and great post…hope it sparks some action. Kimberly

  21. dianne says:

    Thanks Loren, I so enjoy hearing your voice. Sitting in my motorhome now with a really nice thunderstorm going on in Michigan. Will look forward to your next post. peace love out

  22. Karen Ringel says:

    Loren… You are so loved. Even when life is at its worst…. keep that in the forefront. You have a following of loyal friends, colleagues, family…. and those like me that just think “you rock”. Karen

  23. Dawn says:

    Thinking about you lots Loren as we watch the Yosemite Sunsets and sunrises. Hope you made it this far and if not, perhaps soon. You are such an example to all of us in all you do and how you act about, rather than react to the negatives that have been thrown your way. Climate change is indeed real. 105 here one day this week and a record for the day. Should not be so many records all the time. Hugs to you and yours, Dawn

  24. Heidi Van Linge-Farrell says:

    That is a touching story about the boys! Cancer sucks, no matter the age! You are still in my prayers Loren…I think of you and your family often!

  25. Bobbie C. says:

    Loren: Just watching a story on Fox 5 telling about 15 boys in a school in San Diego County who shaved their heads in support of another boy, a classmate, who has brain cancer and lost his hair. So when he returned to school he found his classmates had shaved their heads so he wouldn’t feel out of place when he came back to class again! That is a fantastic story.

    So any more photos of places you’ve been lately in the van? Glad you wrote to all of us who were wondering how you’ve been doing. Take care meanwhile!

  26. Marie H. says:

    This is precisely why I started following you and changed stations as you did. I’m a tree hugger and loved your environmental reports and gardening tips. You have had such a huge impact on those of us who watch you, and I will be eternally grateful .

  27. Peacewolf says:

    Hi, I’m the pragmatic idealist your mother warned you about. There oughtta be a law against some of the crap we’re doing to this beautiful blue planet. But I thinkalan Weismann wrote the book about what would happen to the planet if the human species suddenly ceased to exist, like tomorrow. Our planet will be a lot different, but really when we are gone the planet will still be here, and it will recover. And the span of time that includes the existence of the human species will be just a blip on the screen.
    Now that doesn’t mean I think it’s okay to ruin our planet as we know it. We are making this place uninhabitable for ourselves and other species. The Earth cannot support all the different ways that we exploit the resources. W are the only species that takes away from the planet and doesnt give anything back. We are beyond our carrying capacity and it’s too late to fix what we’ve already ruined.
    But thankfully we’ve got Loren Nancarrow on our side and if there’s any chance at fixing wha we’ve broken, Loren will help us.
    Peace out,
    Peace wolf

    • Marie H. says:

      My sentiments exactly. We are way overdue for a plague to thin out our population. Then the earth can heal.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hi Loren. Great to hear your voice…its beautiful melody…Cathy

  29. IRIS BRANDT says:


  30. Marilyn Mueller says:

    Go somewhere. Have lots of fun. Eat some pizza and ice cream (but not together!) Stay out of that damned hospital! 😀

  31. Andy Casillas Hein says:

    Weird, last night I dreamt I was in a tornado and everything was knocked down around me. Growing up in Illinois, this was a recurring dream. This time, I was in OK. Too many of these things spinning destruction for sure. It’s hard to ignore. Glad you had other things on your mind but sorry you had 5 days of hospitalization. Make up for it and do lots of Van time now.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hey Loren – my name is Aaron, also have GBM and live in Encinitas. Going on 15 months myself and have three younger daughters that make each day worth it. Anyway just wanted to let you I am rooting you and we both understand the querks we have and go through with GBM. Ever want together over coffee, let me know.

  33. Bunny & Fred Northcutt says:

    Praying for you & your family..
    If you or your family need a wonderful Pastor to talk to I Know a Great one..
    Pastor Scott Northcutt
    Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lemon Grove. Cali.
    The LORD will always be there for you just trust him..
    Prov. 3:5 & 6 ..

  34. Barbara Gillingham says:

    It’s frustrating to watch, that’s for sure, but no different from so many areas where we are asked to change the status quo.

    Loren, I read something recently about the Ketogenic Diet for certain types of cancers. You’ve probably investigated this, but I wanted to mention it just the same. There are several clincial trials occuring right now but the one for the brain is taking place at Michigan State University by Ken Schwartz, MD 517-975-9500. The diet itself when administered is monitored by a Nutritional Oncologist. The article I read was written by a biology professor at Boston College, Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Loren love listening to you and hearing your thoughts and ideas.

  36. John Geer says:

    Loren, have you picked up the book “The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying” yet? I truly believe that you would love it, I have read it numerous times and it is by far the best of my favorites. The author is a Tibetan Lama named Sogyal Rinpoche, going to keep bugging you til you do. We are One.

  37. margaret says:

    Nice hearing from you loren happy all is good with you
    And keep enjoying your van trips with your wife
    and your garden growing pleasures.

  38. Jody says:

    Love hearing your Voice Loren, Keep up the good fight.
    God Bless you.

  39. Jamie says:


    • Jackie Owens says:

      Hi Loren. Sorry to hear you had to spend some more time in the hospital. That “sucks”.
      It does seem like we have been having worse floods, tornados hurricanes etc. in the past few years, at least it seems that way and worse in their destruction. Since I am already in my twightlight years I probably won’t see the final episode but I sure hope someone gets their act together and tries to do something positive about it. Keep the faith , you have so very many praying for you. Jackie.

    • As Charlie Sheen says, this article is \”WINNING!\”

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