Uncle Lou

Uncle Lou long outlived his contemporaries. He ate like a bird and always made appointments. Lou Dameson died a few months back. As best we can tell, he was close to 100 years old—ages after lung cancer was supposed to have killed him.

He was an engineer with the detailed eye of someone of that profession. The old guy was crazy about appointments. When he went to the doctor, he was more worried about making his next appointment than keeping the current one. I’m convinced it was what kept him alive. You can’t die when you have stuff on the calendar.

There’s a lot of stuff coming up on the Nancarrow family calendar. The pathology report next week, treatment options to be laid out before us like some sort of radioactive menu. (Speaking of which, Hannah has me on a ketogenic diet. Think deprivation…and bad breath. I love her for it. ) We have beach walks to take and friends to see. Our buddy, Cheri Rouse, is helping to channel all of your energy into an organization that will help others. 

But wait…it’s February and I’m due for a teeth cleaning. Don’t want to keep my hygienist waiting. Thanks Uncle Lou.


ImageUncle Lou & Aunt Cecil visiting the Surfing Madonna 6/16/2011


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33 comments on “Uncle Lou
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  2. Joan Wyllie says:

    You can do this Loren, I am a 5 year stage IV ovarian cancer survivor. I can give you some great tips…Let me know if you would like to hear them. I was treated at UCSD Moores Cancer Center. But I go to Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary at Scripps Integrative Medicine to keep the cancer bug away. I would be happy to fill you in. My favorite quote is “Only go as fast as the slowest part of you feels safe to go”. I taped it to my mirror and it got me through….Celebrating 5 years this month, I help a lot of people going through different battles, and I have done a lot of research, so I am hear if you need me. check out http://www.ninegirlsask.org……Nothing but Health and Peace………Joan Wyllie

  3. Love this, Lou, and you! Miss the surfing Madonna though. 🙂

  4. Jan says:

    Hi Loren, love all the posts here for you and yes I agree …your a good guy Loren. And @ Jeanie there…olive oil huh ,Interesting……One of Loren’s I take it..Hope you are getting a little chuckle about all this Loren. Be well.

  5. Jeanie Morshead says:

    Loren, an excellent book, that is uplifting and positive is “Love, Medicine and Miracles” by Bernie Seigel, MD. It’s about how powerful the mind and positive thoughts are in curing disease, even cancer. It’s an incrediblly informative book based on his cancer practise, showing how people who believed they could be cured were, despite the odds. Hugs, Dear Man!!

  6. Jeanie Morshead says:

    Loren, I take it that you’re getting clued in about how much MANY people appreciate you and care about you. You have touched all our lives in many ways. For example, when I was in the shower this morning, shaving my legs with olive oil, I thought of giving out this hint. When I took veggie/fruit scraps out to my composter, I thought of you. When I took this morning’s coffee grounds out to the rose garden, I thought of you. When I set buckets out to collect rain water, I thought of you. When I polished my nails cobalt blue today, in solidarity,, I thought of you. When I washed the windows with your nontoxic recipe, I thought of you. When I put out 1 small bowl of instant mash potatoes and 1 of water to kill the rats and save the barn owls, I thought of you. Just a few, but many others. Thanks, Sir. My dear departed Dad used to say, “The best compliment you can give a man is to tell him that he’s a Good Guy.” Well, Loren, you are an all around Good Guy!!!

  7. Loren, Thanks for being your typical self and thinking of all of us who are so anxious to hear from you. We appreciate your updates. Love hearing about Uncle Lou…and love hearing about ‘you.’ Hope to see you soon my friend, and give Susie a hug for me. Much Love.

  8. Jimmy Black says:

    Never give up ! Stay Positive and embrace the people around you !

  9. DeeDee says:

    You have a standing appointment for a hair-cut every 6 wks at my hair salon…keep it !

  10. Hope you take after your Uncle Lou! Reminds me of the late, great George Burns, who said he couldn’t die until he reached 100 because he was booked to play the Palladium Theater in London on his 100th birthday. He very very nearly made it. Keep on taking good care of yourself, Loren, and letting others take care of you and spoil you a little, too.

  11. Pets keep ya going also-when you have that all loving animal depending on just you , you have to get up in the morning and take care of them.
    Prayers your way!

  12. enjoy your beach walks and smile pretty with those nice clean teeth! DAF

  13. Roy Toft says:

    Ok…pencil in a day to come to “Boulder Mountain” and walk through blooming Aloes and Agaves. This mountain has curing powers…..we’re waiting with open arms!

  14. Jan Pollard says:

    Good family footsteps to follow….keeping on keeping on is the key. When my husband found out he had cancer he stopped everything. You have to fight it, don’t give into it, live like it’s not there, except when you can’t help it, but if you’re able, then do all you can. This is kind of where “ignorance is bliss” is helpful because our minds play with our emotions. Love your fortitude. You’re quite the guy. Blessings.

  15. Deborah Brada says:

    Usually when someone I know is diagnosed with the big “C,” I share with them some of the things our family did when my 17-year-old son Drake was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma: focus on what you want, not what you fear; fill each day with memories and laughter; drink lots of wheat grass shooters; and read “Crazy, Sexy Cancer” because the author’s positive attitude is totally contagious. But, Loren, you’re already as optimistic and laser-focused as we could have ever aspired to be, so I have nothing left to share with you except that you’re in my family’s thoughts and prayers. Oh, and that my son Drake is now in college, and he’s cancer-free…which I know you will be too. XOXO

  16. Pamela Blair says:

    I hope all these blog entries are earmarked for inclusion in the next book you write…perhaps you could title it “The Appointment Book!!!” Thinking and praying for you and your family every day.

  17. Sandy Sue says:

    Bless Uncle Lou—and you too Loren! Thinking of you every day and sending you, Susie & the kids all of my positive energy. You are truly amazing. XOXO

  18. Another wonderful, smile-making entry from Mr. Nancarrow. Go forward, fight for everything, and don’t stop making those appointments…I’m with Lou on that one!

  19. Martha Baker says:

    The first quince blossoms erupted today – florescent pink-orange – so the groundhog may be right! Here’s to a bright and beautiful spring. filled with love, joy and friendship….and lots of appointments (good ones :-)) for Loren and Sooz to anticipate with glee!

  20. Patsy Roeder says:

    Prayers for you and your family are in my “appointment” book.

  21. Sandi B says:

    And keep writing. Makes us all feel better, Loren.

  22. Justin McCarthy says:

    Dear Loren, keep it up friend, the posts, the lists, the schedules, everything that keeps your cabeza in the pink. All the best, Justin

  23. Cynthia Webb says:

    when you hit radiation and whatever, you will need all the fat and carbs and calories you can… better to fatten up now and enjoy now, cause for a while, food may not be that enjoyable. oranges with chocolate and anything your heart desires… be ‘good food’ after!

  24. pattymooney says:

    Uncle Lou ate twice his body weight (eating like a bird)?
    Go, Loren!!!!!

  25. Make appointments and always buy green bananas. Wishing you a good day, Loren.

  26. Jim Holtzman says:

    Loren..I’ve always been pretty decent with words, but I sure can’t find the right ones now. I’m not a religious person, but please know you and Susie and the family are in the hearts of the Holtzman Family. With love,Jim

    Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 18:53:11 +0000 To: jimholtzman@hotmail.com

  27. Kati says:

    Priceless!! Got to go- a lunch appointment!

  28. Bless his attitude. My Aunt Sadie was similar in nature but had all the stubborness of the Scandinavian sides of our clan and perhaps more. She determined that she would never drive after her husband criticized her initial attempts under his tutelage. Of course this was her version. Quien sabe? At any rate, her stubborn quallities endured, loveable as she was, until age 103. As she lay in the hospital one last time, but only the second since she was pronounced dying of congestive heart failure at age 54, the grand master of her Eastern Star order came to visit and asked if he could hold her hand. He said that she had replied, “Don’t touch me, don’t you dare. I don’t need anyone’s help with this. I’ll work it out in my own way. Who taught you to ask any lady such a question in the first place? Work on your manners, young man.”
    He was 83. He spirit stays with me and guides me forward even though the family stubborn qualities and the old teacher tendency to hold folks to certain standards, at least mentally, does not always serve as well as one might wish. Blessings. Aho.

  29. Reese Brothers says:

    Right on, Loren. Keep your appointments and be on time! Always look forward to what’s coming your way; never looking back unless its because you hear something growling at you! You have a ton of new experiences just waiting to be had and many more wonderful memories to make. Just live in the moment and cherish each one of them; that way, you don’t miss a thing! God bless you and Susie and the kids.

  30. Eric Miller says:

    Lou had it right.. I thrive by appointments.. the success rate rises to 83% of actually getting together with an appointment. btw.. your dentist will be glad to know your breath is so ‘fresh’…take care…

  31. Susan says:

    I agree with Uncle Lou – never stop planning life, the key is to be 100% in the moment (at that appointment or whatever) while scheduling the next. Best of luck with the hygientist 🙂

  32. Oranges are ripe and delicious – I will leave them at your wife’s office – get better!

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