Cobalt Blue On You

We love all your Cobalt Blue!

Click Here To See All Your Cobalt Blue Nails

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photo 2


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13 comments on “Cobalt Blue On You
  1. Reese Brothers says:

    Loren, you’re amazing! Look what you started! I imagine all the stores will be out of Cobalt Blue nail polish soon! May I go so far as to say, they may even change the name to Loren’s Cobalt…just saying!

  2. audreywilmot says:

    ok I wiped a tear of my cheek Loren.this is Beautiful My mom breast cancer passed away 1/22/12 and dad Cancer 12/5/2000 my brother 1987 cancer .my best friend cancer my sponsor cancer .Please beat this so you can show me a a TRUE Survivor.
    i need to see that …
    your friend
    Audrey Wilmot
    El Cajon

  3. Jan Pollard says:

    This is great, isn’t it?!

  4. tim murphy says:

    Hi Loren, you may not remember me, but im the one who kept buggin you about the difference between santana and santa ana (like sister Mary taught us)…this when you were on the other other station. my question for today is when will the Fox viewers be told about your current condition, or did I miss it? I think its important for your fans, groupies, and regular folks to get the word sooner rather than later. praying for you in RB…tim, cancer survivor

  5. Peter Bolland says:

    Our Prius is cobalt blue. Does that count?

  6. Tammela says:

    I posted my pics on FB, did the toes!!! Kickincancer!

  7. I came home from having a pedicure today with cobalt blue! You are a trend setter!

  8. Linda Rauch says:

    Loving all your posts Lauren. God Bless you and Peace be with you.

  9. Wendy Gurrier says:

    I will do too! I love the color cobalt blue on you! ;D

  10. Charlene says:

    You are so LOVED!

  11. Jan Pollard says:

    Gettin’ my blue on!

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