Crunchy or Creamy?


I am the proud owner of a peanut butter mill. It may sound odd to you, but it makes perfect sense to me. I spent many years in Portales, New Mexico, a town lovingly known as Goober Gulch. It is the valencia peanut capitol of the world. A while back I decided I’d like to get involved in farmers’ markets and started researching how to buy a peanut mill so I could make my own brand of organic peanut butter.

I guess I didn’t completely understand how Ebay works—When I found a peanut mill that looked like a good value, I thought I placed it in my online basket. I only realized I had actually placed a winning bid when I received a congratulatory email letting me know I was the proud new owner of a one thousand dollar peanut mill. As luck would have it, that’s a pretty good price for a peanut mill—if you need one. I didn’t. I had the mill and no plan.

I made a bunch of peanut butter and made friends with all the peanut-butter-loving women at work.  I perfected my recipe but hit a road block when it came to a name and a label. We tried “Norman Ranchero’s Peanut Butter” and “Norman’s Own Peanut Butter” and nothing quite hit home. We had some artistic label ideas but the peanut butter idea sort of fizzled before they came to fruition. The rigors of my news job killed my latest promising entrepreneurial masterpiece.

Recent events (brain tumor) have led me to consider taking my peanut mill out of storage and whipping up a new batch. I figure sympathy (if nothing else) could sell a few jars.

I did mention that this is just my latest entrepreneurial flare— I’ll introduce you to my Nancarrow EWWW Bin (a worm composting system) in the days ahead.

Until then, there are important decisions to be made—crunchy or creamy?



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125 comments on “Crunchy or Creamy?
  1. Crunchy or Creamy? | The Nancarrow Project
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  2. Candace says:

    Creamy, for sure !!!…which reminds me of the time (and maybe it was many) when you were doing a live report from “Nate’s Butt Farm” ! Yes, we all remember that one !!!

  3. Sarah née says:

    You would do well at the Farmers marked! People love you! I learned so much about organic gardening from the brief time I met you on a photoshoot in la JOLLA. Your vanilla would be a great product to sell! I use it in my pudding. Andrew Z from the station gave it to me. Vanilla Peanut butter:) yummy!!!!you should come to the farmers market with your product. It is a healthy environment and really fun and positive! Be Well

  4. jayne mobley dunn says:

    ‘Ian Dunn on the Run’ from old KBEST95 interviewing days has grown from 7yrs old to 26 yrs old and is always trying to make ends meet.

    His Dad and I will order a case of smooth and crunchy for the guy. That ought to keep him fed for a week!

    Much love and many *hugs*,

    Jayne, Russ, Ian, Lauren, Ashley,

    and Riley, Spike, Scout, & SunnyCat =^..^=

  5. Laura says:

    Crunchy, crunchy, CRUNCHY! 🙂 Guess I’m in for a few bottles, what with the “sympathy” slant, the fact you’re a fellow dog lover, fellow vermicomposter, like-minded politically, and because I’ve followed you from channel to channel over “oh so many years”…aww heck, just put me down for at least 6 jars because this list is getting VERY long, Loren. 😉

  6. Pat Gaffey says:

    Healing prayers sent your way, Loren, from the quarter-mile buoy off La Jolla Cove, from atop Cat Mountain in Tucson, and from the snowy drifts of New England. Keep on composting, Senor Verde! We’re pulling for you. Enjoy the full moon tonight.

  7. Laura says:

    Crunchy with a little sea salt! Yum!

  8. Christina says:

    creamy for my boys please 🙂 And then let me know where to get it- alomost impossible to find organic peanut butter the past few months!

    • jayne says:

      At Jimbos in San Diego! You can grind your own at the 4s Ranch Location or buy jars. There are several Jimbos in SD.

  9. Crunchy rules!!! The Beneficial Insect Company… Smiles! Caroline

  10. Devin & Jeanne Scott says:

    Crunchy! For sure!

  11. Roger Egan says:

    We’ve enjoyed your gardening books & TV tips.
    We’ll try your pnut butter. We’re considering doing something with our macadamia nuts similar to nutella & pnut butter.
    Enjoy your RV trip.
    You are in our prayers.
    Roger & Sharon Egan

  12. Jose Pedro Cordova says:

    I just heard a coqui send out a booty call while I was outside watering and I could’nt help but laugh at the memory of one jumping on you while you were on camera reporting the weather at the greenhouse years back. We had island people coming in for weeks getting muddy looking for the little frogs amongst the Bromeliads, usually without success.

    I remember you talking about someday marketing a worm composting bin when we took a drive out to the dump to pick up those big fiberglass troughs. Glad to hear you are making it happen. Hopefully we can stock some at Cordova Gardens.

    Put some miles on that motorhome!

  13. Bonnie Jordan says:

    Slightly crunchy! Perfect. 🙂

  14. Mary Jo Gustafson says:

    After 30 years, I am still best friends with Jennifer. She e-mailed the article re:your diagnosis. My heart goes out to you and Susie. I was so impressed when I read about the RV and your plans to travel to parks. Vacations have always been a priority in our family. Nothing brings us closer than family time without any interference from work or school. That’s where all the memories come from. Never lose your sense of humor. I’m so glad you have a loving family by your side. Your friend, Mary Jo Gustafson (aka Beck)

  15. Marty Harriman says:

    No question BOTH!!!!

  16. Jeanette says:

    Homemade …. Crunchy of course. I can’t wait to find a jar if yours and try it. I’d make hundreds and give them to the needy & homeless – no more hunger for them! Keep on fighting Loren.

  17. Bill Hirr says:

    i aLwYs enJOYed yoU oN TV…
    (when i used to watch iT 10 yrS ago.)==can’T handLe it anymoRe…
    mY MoM (93 reads the UT aNd shaReD the storY on yoU theRe==
    i don’T reaD the newspaper aNyMoRe either….))))
    i do folloW soMe bloGs aNd yoU wiLL sureLy be ‘Favorite’d ~~
    •• So SoRRy to heaR abouT the “C”!!
    PraYerS foR Strength foR YoU & youR whoLe FaMiLy…..
    i knoW yoU knOW EACH daY iS a BLeSSinG….
    esPeciaLLy NOW~~~~
    *****mY SiS liVed 8 yrS wiTh/through aLL kinDs oF Chemo….
    i’M suRe otheRs LiVe LonGer——

    GOD iS iN ControL †

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