Nieces & Nephews

Here is a common Fox 5 conversation during the night shift:

“A burglar sneaks up to a door, a flower pot slips from a ledge and hits the burglar on top of the head. Police arrest the unconscious bad-guy. Is this a coincidence or irony?”

I mention this because I received 3 get well cards yesterday from nieces and nephews who don’t typically write. I can’t remember if this is an example of coincidence or irony. My brother’s college-age son, Brendan, wrote a very nice letter, but expressed worry that he has not been as good a nephew as he should be and that he let geography get in the way of staying connected. Don’t be so hard on yourself, kid. Family connections are very similar to electrical connections; even after 10 or 15 years, an unused electrical cord typically works just fine when you plug it in. Families are just like that. The part of his letter that really made me smile were the memories he has of visits to California. Of course he mentioned The Zoo, Sea World and the beach. His more lasting memory was of playing with our menagerie of family pets and of me taking him around our little farm and showing him my favorite hiding places for black widow spiders. I think he was making the point that he saw the venomous spiders as a little less scary after that. That may not seem important to most of you but that’s the sweetest legacy a kid could take from a visit to my house.

Next, I got a card from beautiful Emma, Susie’s brother’s daughter. I love the way she writes in stream-of-consciousness, just like me. She reminded me of many of the fun times we’ve had and also explained the things she learned from visits with Aunt Susie and Uncle Loren. Again, she spoke of our dogs, the beach and how much Susie and I love being amongst the crashing waves every chance we get. Where Emma and I really bond is in the kitchen. I get her to try and love foods not typically on the plate of a teenager. To a guy who loves to cook, that’s a meaningful endorsement of my skillet skills.

I also got a card from my 4 amazing nephews in Hawaii. I always kinda figured I’d broken their hearts when we sold the farm and the tractor. There was no greater love in their lives than sitting with me on the tractor and dragging the horse pasture. They could’ve done it all day, everyday and never gotten tired.

Hearing from these guys created a strange reaction, making it all somehow more real and making the fight all the more important to win. I love you guys.

Jennifer, Katie, Travis, Suellyn, Lauren, Brendan, Keri, Brett, Austen, Emma, Harris, Ashley, Taylor, Rebecca, Aaron, Hillary, Ashley, Bodhi, Porter, Dallen, Trey, Micah and Ryder thanks for reminding me of some awesome times.


Uncle Loren

photo-13[Nephews Dallen, Trey, Micah and Ryder]


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18 comments on “Nieces & Nephews
  1. com can make a whole world of difference.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah Spring! I know it is here because a little bird is attacking the “other bird” in the stainless steel trash can I keep outside my door.
    Love, your pal,

  3. Jackie Owens says:

    Dear Loren. It is wonderful that some of your nieces and nephews have decided to get back in tough with you. It is a shame that they had to wait until you had a medical problem. Maybe this event will bring you all closer together. Family is what it is all about and the more family the more laughter and laughter is the best medicine. Keep the faith, we are all praying with and for you. Jackie

  4. :,) very sweet post, thank you.

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  6. Bonnie Jordan says:

    The knack kids have for unknowingly bringing a family together in sometimes most unorthodox ways, shows us what a microcosm our family structures are, of the world at large. You likened it to an electrical cord; it could also be a musical chord that sounds pretty good, but boy, when you add the sweet voices of children, the fullness fills
    your heart, the room, the world right up with love, joy, harmony, beauty beyond compare.
    To recognize this now makes the journey fuller with awareness and appreciation and the desire for wellness within and around us. That which nurtures this stays; that which is no longer leading us to this goal we must let go. So glad to hear you felt and heard so much more from your nieces and nephews than just the sentiments of get well cards. Sounds like you got a real gift. Each day is bound to send you gifts you can now see because your eyes are really opening up. I’m so happy for you!!!!! Much love!

  7. Retta says:

    Did you know that I am called Susy too? You are a wonderful human being, and whatever happens, when you finally do get to meet our maker, they will send a chorus of angels to greet you at heavens gate, all the gardeners, the equestrians, the weather people, all the animals, insects, reptiles, etc, etc. and a new rainbow will appear every anniversary of your birth and entrance into heaven.

  8. Lynn McComas says:

    Hey Loren. The next time your nephews come out, come over and take them for a ride on my tractor. They can even ride around on my horse while I lead him- or you can ride him! So you have more rides to come! A lot more!

  9. Janis Pollard says:

    Love it. Precious

  10. Dianne says:

    I love how you relate the electrical cord to family, I may steal it if you don’t mind. Enjoy the day!

  11. Jackie Owens says:

    Dear Loren. How nice for your nieces and nephews to get in touch at a time when family is very important. Maybe now they will stay in touch more often as a family should even when miles apart. Hugs and prayers.

  12. Sandi B says:

    Ah! He is a softie.

  13. Audra Burcham says:

    Dear Loren, Family is a wonderful thing and the young have wisdom beyond their years in times like these. I am so glad to hear from you and hope your journey is going well. Thank you for including me. Here is another journey which gave me so much to ponder and at the same time be grateful for what we have. Love, Audra Burcham

  14. Joanne Stout says:

    keep on fighting Loren, it is worth the fight, I had cancer 17 years ago and I am fit and healthy at 79.

  15. Jane Quirk says:

    Sooooo sweet! The voices of Children make everything a little bit better! xo, jane

  16. Karen Warner says:

    Loren, I love your emails! This one got my memory banks firing… I love spiders, but black widows? They are frightening to me. My earliest memory is when I was young. I was in one of those little dresses with the big bow in the back which as is my nature, was untied and I was skating having fun as kids do. That is until my mom saw me and freaked out and started hitting me with a broom squealing ‘black widow’. I guess she got it off, I do not remember being bitten but that incident certainly turned my mind to dread at the mention of the black widow. Now, many years latter, I was sitting on my couch one day and out of the corner of my eye I see black movement….I lift up the paper it hid under and there in the flesh was an enormous black widow hiding amongst the papers next to me. I finally got my wits about me and dealt it a lethal blow. Sorry, I didn’t have the nerve to kindly remove it from the house, but I was a bit out of my head at that moment.
    keep up the fun emails, I am also a ‘C’ survivor.

  17. Adrienne Durso says:

    I love your electrical cord analogy. That is priceless! Keep fighting the good fight.

  18. Gayle Baxter says:

    That’s right Loren, keep on fighting. Your family loves you very much.

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