The Newsroom

My friends tell me I have a horrible knowledge of popular culture. If you reference the Kardashians, I’ll assume you’re talking about one of OJ’s attorneys. My ignorance runs the gamet—from Hawkeye Pierce to Marsha Brady all the way to Simon Cowell. The annual Academy Awards are usually a compilation of stars I don’t know from movies I haven’t seen. I blame these holes in my social development on decades of working the night shift in a T.V. newsroom. Think of all the date night movies I’ve missed. Think of all the family couch time watching American Idol that went on without me.

All that changed in January. Suddenly, I can quote characters as diverse as a meth peddling chemistry teacher on Breaking Bad to a downtrodden housemaid on Downton Abbey. And trust me, I know all of Stewie’s best lines from Family Guy. Since cancer sidelined me from the news, I’ve had plenty of time to keep my TiVO humming with past episodes of shows I never knew existed.

One show in particular has me longing to be back at my job and wishing I could be half the journalist that Will McAvoy is. If I’m a little ahead of you on the popular culture calendar, Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) is the lead character on the HBO drama The Newsroom. Creator Aaron Sorkin is a freakin’ genius. The Newsroom follows the daily workings of a…wait for it…newsroom. I find myself missing my coworkers and the routine of choosing tonight’s top stories and how they will be presented. To all those producers, directors, writers and editors that have been so much a part of my life: I sure do miss you guys. 

Now get out there and speak truth to power. Our words and pictures are still the most powerful tool we have to make a difference.

Has a T.V. show actually made me teary eyed?! I gotta get back to work.


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42 comments on “The Newsroom
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  2. Salvatore says:

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  3. Terry Burrhans says:

    LN & Company…The love of The Newsroom is another thing you and I have in common. I’m a huge fan. You haven’t lived until you survive the drama of a good post ratings period staff meeting. I think you might agree that bouncing around from one shop to another, if given the chance, would be something we’d both do over again. The HBO cats usually get it right. The team of writers have it nailed this time. The Newsroom, like Deadwood, most times takes two viewings to catch the dialogue drift. I dig the obscure episode titles. I’m sending my very own long distance weather nerdy, Santa Anna style, lake effect snow wish and wind chill smile of love from EDST to PDST…and right to you! I’m praying time is on your side. Sunny Skies…Terry B.

  4. audrastafford says:

    We miss you, too Loren!

  5. jayne says:

    When ‘Ian Dunn on the Run’ Kid Reporter from KBest95 came to interview you on Channel 8 (nearly 18 years ago if you can believe it) it was such a fun time.

    He brought his two younger sisters, who were very shy, and you turned to one asking ‘What’s your name?’

    ‘Lauren,’ she quietly replied.

    You cracked your big jovial smile and said, ‘That’s my name too!’

    Being only 5, she just could not get over this and giggled throughout the evening each time she saw you. ‘Mommy there’s that happy man with my name!’

    You said it Lauren. And you said it Loren.

  6. iseemyboat says:

    I’ve always watched you through the years and plan to continued to watch you! My son is in his first job as a TV reporter in Wy. At his station there are 3 other people from this area who are reporters and anchors at that WY station. Your experience throughout your career could be helpful to these kids just starting out. Why not write about it, what’s really important, what not to do. I like Newsroom too. I told my son he was the only person who was responsible for loosing his integrity in life. You experience and your brand could be a great resource for these kids!

  7. Nenette West says:

    You really do have too much time on your hands Loren! I am sure you miss your co-workers as much as they miss you. Be careful, make sure your brains don’t turn to mush watching too much boob tube. How about gardening? You once said that seaweeds are good for your plants. Is that still true? I do wish you well.

  8. Vicky Tarulis says:

    It has been said that laughter is the best medicine…. take in all the past seasons of the Big Bang Theory for good belly laughs and always remember the best of the television comedies ever was M.A.S.H… where you will meet Hawkeye Pierce, Radar, BJ and let’s not forget Major Houlihan. Laugh away and get better each day. Keeping my toe nails blue till you do.

  9. Anonymous says:

    We were neighbors in Olivenhain. We never formally met but I’d see you around town at Trader JOE’S or Harvest Ranch Mkt. I was saddened to hear about your cancer. I too just hot diagnosed with PH+CML leukemia.
    Gallows humor is how I’m coping. Not everyone gets it but there’s nothing new about that, in sickness nor in health I could never tell a joke. This is only the second time I’ve read your blog. Surprisingly, not many people I’ve talked with were all that into The Newsroom and that astounds me. I was riveted. I’d DVR them because they were so well written and fast that I’d have to back up and listen again and again. “Speak truth to power,” we’ll now, when I heard that line, I grabbed my iPhone and quickly jotted down the line. Episode after episode, I found myself with phone in hand almost like some court reporter, putting it in text. There were such amazing statements something like, “I don’t want to be ruled by dumb people.” (Sam Waterson).
    Just great. I’ve been starting over with episode one again lately and I’ve realized that this Philadelphia Chromosome cancer can’t get me yet, I’ve too much left undone.
    You are right about Aaron Sorkin, genius. Met him at a fundraiser for Obama in La Jolla and ran into him again at one of the Inaugural Balls. Charming, witty and knows that no army, no amount of war can change a nation like a piece of art. Just ask the musicians of the Vietnam era. And The Newsroom is truly great art. I’m looking forward to seeing you back at your desk, perhaps on an evening when a storyline is about a woman, then 15 years old, who ran away from home for a weekend in 1963 on a bus with some college kids and a group of Nuns, heading for Alabama to register voters and who in the present day, after winning her fight with leukemia, has once again taken to the streets. Wouldn’t that be a hoot ? It would certainly be a goal worth living/ fighting for. Lets beat this and once again take up arms, pencils (notebook of the day) and change the world as we intended. See ya in the newsroom…or in the jailhouse if my protest gets out of hand. :((
    Take care.

    • jayne says:

      Oh my.. you must write your story ! It sounds amazing .. how extraordinary .. please please
      *hugs* -jayne

  10. Loren! We miss you so much on the desk and around the newsroom!

    This is the first blog post of yours I’ve read and I feel like an idiot for not reading your blog sooner. I really look forward to reading all of it.

    I could completely relate to you in not being up with pop-culture and actors. My wife always makes fun of me for not knowing anyone on the screen.

    I’ve only got the chance to watch the first two episodes of the Newsroom (both on lunch break while at work). Man! that first episode had me gripping my seat and I fell in love with working in news again. haha!

    • Shelle Wisdom-Lazar says:

      Don’t know if you can still find it but my all time favorite was Northern Exposure. Brilliant!
      And it even featured a philosphical morning DJ.

  11. Cindy miller says:

    Miss seeing you on fox 5 news,hurry and get back to that desk not the same without u.

  12. Stanley Roberts at KRON is a very good investigative reporter, I wonder if he could track down early footage of your career and do a spoof of his “People behaving badly” Carpe Diem Big Guy!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Do you watch BIg Bang? I absolutely LOVE that show……… is not only for GEEKS………..just brilliant 🙂

  14. I would kill to have you back. Well, maybe not “kill” per se, but I would “wound” to have you back…okay maybe that’s a bit overstated. I would “pinch” someone really hard to have you back. St. Paddy’s is over, so I need to think of something else. Oh yes, “I would do anything to have you back and don’t think for a moment otherwise.” Much love pardner!

  15. Barb Bolton says:

    Larry Himmel mentioned you on a newscast recently – a replay from maybe 20 years ago about how he was a “fashion don’t” and you and several others were dapper dressers. Very cute. Miss you on the news and your perspective.

  16. Pamela Blair says:

    The scene from the first episode is one if the best TV scenes I have ever seen!!!

  17. You are missed Loren! We’ll all be glad to see you back in your chair soon!

  18. Jackie Kirkpatrick says:

    Sure do miss you and your smiling face. One of the worst parts of my cancer was not being able to work for 2-3 months as I am one person that loves to have a purpose for getting up each day. But, Loren, it is what it is so make the best of it and hurry back to work so we can see your smiling face again. ❤

  19. I always enjoyed having you a part of our living room when I was in San Diego…. Love Will on Newsroom, but certainly enjoyed you too. You spoke of things that mattered to me personally, I can just mindlessly watch the t.v. show.

  20. Denise Ribeiro Kelly says:

    Keep up the fight, you will beat this Loren. We are all praying for you!

  21. Maggie says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Newsroom! Ahhh, gives me chills because it’s totally the kind of journalist I still want to be (just in print form), reporting on stuff that matters, providing contest and insightful analysis and not letting politicians or corporations bullshit. I ache for that kind of journalism to exist in real life.

  22. Jeanie says:

    Loren, miss you on the news and your delightful smile. Hope the treatments are going well, healing, and with the least side effects. I think about you all the time and wish you well, esp. when I look at my blue piggies. xoxoxo

  23. cindybh says:

    I miss the Mary Tyler Moore show and the crew of WJM – Minneapolis. The funniest along with WKRP. We miss seeing you on Fox5 Loren! Get back there soon! (:-)

  24. Barb Killian says:

    Loren…miss your gentle and friendly face on the news and look forward to seeing you back soon! I’m a 13 year survivor myself. I wasn’t given a promising prognosis but decided to keep going anyways. You’ll do the same with your strength and love of life. Enjoying your blog…thanks so much for taking the time to let us know what’s happening in your life. My toesnails are blue…

  25. Joanne Monia says:

    In due time my friend you will be back! Keep pushing through this journey….YOU CAN DO IT! Praying for you continuously!!! 🙂

  26. Tia Robinson says:

    Loren – still the cutest guy on TV news even if you’re not… on TV news.

  27. Sooz2 says:

    GREAT post! 😉

  28. Julie Gutierrez says:

    Love the “Newsroom”, Jeff Daniels does a great job!! Miss you Loren in your Newsroom!! Can’t wait to see your face soon and your wonderful commentaries!!

  29. Jackie Owens says:

    Dear Loren. We sure wish you were back with the Newsroom crew. We miss you. Keep these wonderful moments coming, we love them and hope they help you to keep in touch with all that love you. Jackie

  30. Lois says:

    I love “Newsroom”: the fact that they fact-check before going live on the air with a special report and editorials that make me want to cheer. It’s the only program that has made me subscribe to HBO since “Six Feet Under”. And when season 2 begins, I’ll subscribe again!

    • Julie Gutierrez says:

      Loved “Six Feet Under” and I agree “Newsroom” is the first show since, I’ve liked since on HBO!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Please get back to work! It is NOT the same! Your steady voice and witty banter is VERY much missed in our house. Heal up and get your backside back to work!

  32. Randy Baker says:

    Wait – what about the real Ron Burgundy?!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I agree Loren – that show is intelligent, smart and real. Can’t
    wait for the new season. Loved the picture you posted. I miss seeing you on the air! Take care and enjoy each day. Best regards, Claire, a fan from Encinitas.

  34. Janis Pollard says:

    YES! You get back to work. MISS YOU.
    Powerful truth to you: God is going to heal you.

  35. Judy LaFalce says:

    Keep up the Great attitude and Sense of Humor – That will Heal YOU!

  36. Toni Palafox says:

    Yes you have to get back to you, when your body is ready we will again see you offering gardening advice. But until then, stop by Mission Hills Nursery and play/talk with the plants. It’s good for the soul.

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