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A Post From Carol LeBeau

My former co-worker and longtime friend, Carol LeBeau, wrote this piece for her own Blog Carol’s Health Journal.  Thank you Miss Carol, you rock. Loren Nancarrow: Beating brain cancer with a smile 03. June 2013 Loren Nancarrow is battling a brain

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The Newsroom

My friends tell me I have a horrible knowledge of popular culture. If you reference the Kardashians, I’ll assume you’re talking about one of OJ’s attorneys. My ignorance runs the gamet—from Hawkeye Pierce to Marsha Brady all the way to

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Tap, Tap, Tap

Tap, tap. Can you hear it? At times it’s faint. Deafening, as we speak. A dull thud when I was younger. Now, it hits with an ear ringing metallic clang. Tap, tap, tap, it repeats, as the wedge that divides

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