Ranch & Coast Magazine Interview

A couple weeks ago I sat down with Ranch & Coast editor-at-large, former anchorwoman and coworker, Andrea Naversen. You can check out her article on The Nancarrow Project in this month’s issue of Ranch & Coast Magazine by clicking here. (Hint: Page 70)

Thanks Andrea!

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16 comments on “Ranch & Coast Magazine Interview
  1. Andrea Naversen says:

    Loren, thank you for sharing your story with me, as well as the readers of Ranch & Coast magazine–we have received an overwhelming response. Please flip to page 12, where in my “Letter from the Editor” I write:

    “Finally, we report on TV veteran Loren Nancarrow, who shares his very personal battle with brain cancer. Nancarrow began writing a blog as therapy. Little did he know it would become therapy for so many others. Nancarrow and his family are dealing with illness in such a forthright, open way, that, somehow, people are less anxious and afraid. If he can handle cancer with humor, grace, and compassion, then, perhaps, so can we. In short, Nancarrow is teaching us all how to live.”

    Thank you, Loren, for the life lesson.

  2. Andrea captured you and your wonderful family’s loving humanity beautifully! Hugs to you and prayers are coming at cha! PS.. found a great blue nail polish to use for my next pedicure! Can’t wait!

  3. Andrea captured your essence and wonderful humanity so well….

  4. Susan R. Wise says:

    My, my Loren, what a small world it is! Julian & I know Andrea Naverson, Julian’s Mom, Inez Wise Warren was a good friend of Andrea’s Mom Thelma Naverson, during their years as neighbors at the apartment complex behind Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, Cardiff, CA. We will look forward to reading Andrea’s article covering her interview with you! Best regards, love and my prayers, Susan & Julian Wise

  5. Joyce W ard says:

    Hey, Loren,
    Every time I read (or better yet, get to listen to) your blogs, I go through so many emotions–some tears, yes, but laughter, too, reflective feelings, but most of all, I feel inspired. Your writing is beautiful, and I look forward to checking my emails to see if you have posted another article. Arlo, of course, is our oh-so-strong connecting thread, and if he could read, I swear he would laugh out loud at some of your clever comments. I hope we can visit soon.

  6. Corinne Geras says:

    Great article. You & your family must be proud. It’s easy for us all to see what a great guy you are! Inspiration for everyone who hears your awesome voice or reads your witty words. TAKE CARE.

  7. Beth Browne says:

    Hi Loren. Great article. I remember her when she was on as an anchor.

    As a cancer warrior, I so look forward to your posts. I was thinking how much I could have used your words many years ago when I was first given the news, so I know your words are really healing for those who have just found out they have cancer, or those going through what you are. Thank you for going through this difficult time by sharing your thoughts. You are such a brave and courageous man. I know the good Lord is watching over you. I will continue my prayers. God bless.

  8. Jackie Owens says:

    Loren. Got it. Great interview. Didn’t she used to be on TV. Seems like I remember her name>??? Great job. Jackie

  9. Jackie Owens says:

    Loren, couldn’t read the interview. came thru fuzzy and very small, Will try and get the magazine. Jackie

  10. Linda Ware says:

    Hi Loren I would like to read this article, but it is to small and blurry. Linda

    • Hi Linda. Click the link and you can see the full issue online. Page 70
      Thanks for reading,

      • Anonymous says:

        Click on the zoom icon 🙂 Always inspiring Loren

      • It took clicking the link and trying to access the article a full two times in order for it to work on my computer. It was very pix-elated on the first try, but my second .try worked just fine. Also the web browser used may hamper the process. I use Firefox and always need to remember not all sites HTML code are Firefox compliant.

    • Linda Ware says:

      Thank you Loren. I did read the article. You are an inspiration. I am a cancer suvivor and blessed to have been able to finish raising my children, and now am in the best time of my life enjoying my 9 grandchildren.

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