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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is a very important holiday in our house. Each year we have begun preparing for it in May — that’s when the baby turkeys (poults) would arrive on our front doorstep — usually 25 to 30 of them (that’s

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Support the Loren Nancarrow Healing Garden at Scripps

Hi Friends and Family, Please join us in our support of a rooftop healing garden at the Scripps Radiation Treatment Center. With your help, we’ll be able to raise enough funds to name the garden “The Loren Nancarrow Healing Garden”

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The Club

The past month, since I’ve been home, has been rough. New medicines, new challenges and the constant worry as to whether I’m feeling symptoms of recovery or decline. I’m still not sure. But what I can say is the last two

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It’s true, I’m home from the hospital. I’m very thankful to the doctors, nurses and staff at Scripps Memorial hospital, but I was ready to come home. Without making it a long story: they fixed me, got rid of some scar

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The Nancarrow Project Team

Hi All, I hope you’re all doing well (or at least I hope you’re hangin’ in there!). Us Nancarrows are also hangin’ in there and taking it day-by-day (so cliche, I know). As we approach the 7-month mark this week, The

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Ranch & Coast Magazine Interview

A couple weeks ago I sat down with Ranch & Coast editor-at-large, former anchorwoman and coworker, Andrea Naversen. You can check out her article on The Nancarrow Project in this month’s issue of Ranch & Coast Magazine by clicking here. (Hint: Page 70) Thanks

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So, now you’ve got blue nails…

I rolled out of bed this morning laughing at the thought of my formerly-buttoned-down, conservative friends awaking to cobalt blue fingernails. The last couple days you’ve put on a lovely coat of polish and now you’re faced with actually living

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Cobalt Blue On You

We love all your Cobalt Blue! Click Here To See All Your Cobalt Blue Nails               *** CLICK HERE FOR MORE COBALT BLUE ON YOU ***  

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