In Search of a Smile

You’re awesome, Kathleen. Thanks for being you.

It’s been some time since I sat down and wrote much of anything other than news stories or thank you notes.  But, it’s been an unsettling few months with my emotions running close to the surface.

For anyone who really knows me… I am extremely private and for me to be unable to hide what I am really feeling, is to feel more vulnerable than is comfortable.

My co-anchor/cohort and most importantly friend, Loren Nancarrow was diagnosed with brain cancer in January, my director/friend was in a near fatal motorcycle accident the same night, and my daughter’s teacher’s husband was in a car accident caused by a brain tumor, which turned into a coma and ultimately his untimely death.  This was all before February.

It’s been a lot to digest even from the sidelines.

So much loss, on so many levels.  I miss Loren at work terribly and frankly just…

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2 comments on “In Search of a Smile
  1. Janie Klein says:

    Loved Kathleen’s story. I am glad she share it. I think it will touch many hearts! She’s a pretty great lady!
    PS: I found a secretly hidden epiphyllum yesterday. It is the prettiest one I have. I didn’t even know it was there. Smiles for all…….

  2. Ken Compton says:

    Dang Loren you are right Kathleen is like the coolest chick ever i am so impressed by such an incredible friendship.

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