The Sign Off


Walter Cronkite signed off the same way every night: “And that’s the way it is.” Paul Harvey had his own “…[pause]…[pause]…[pause]…good day!” There was Edward R. Murrow’s famous “Good night and good luck.” Even my favorite pretend newscasters had their nightly rituals. Chevy Chase did “Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.” And we all know how Ron Burgundy ended his broadcast.

A sign off is a newscaster’s signature—and I’ve never really had one. Well, that’s not entirely true—for the last couple of years it’s been “Goodnight everybody. Two and a Half Men is next.”  But now I find myself in need of a real sign off.

Still not sure how all this is gonna end for me with this brain cancer thing. But I do know that I’ve missed my last opportunity at a clever sign off. So consider this it. What I’m trying to say is I won’t be back on the evening news. 

Now, don’t go picking out songs to play at my funeral just yet. I’m still fighting the fight and doing just fine—but a left frontal lobe brain tumor and live TV don’t mix. To my Fox 5 colleagues: don’t worry I’ll still be available for fashion advice and tips involving lemons.

So, back to that sign off. Let me try a couple out on you:

Peace and compost, San Diego. Nah… that doesn’t work.

Goodnight and have a good dinner. Nope…

See, this is why I never had one. Ah, screw it…Goodnight everybody. Two and a Half Men is Next.

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73 comments on “The Sign Off
  1. Kristy says:


  2. Debbie says:

    Loren, you need to stop buying into the doctors dire predictions, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Gbm August 2006, and I’m still here, the main thing to do is to think positively and don’t listen to th drs so, they don’t everything and need to cover thei ass, go back to your hippy roots. There is great support gourd at ucsd,la jolly alternat Tuesdays. We have long term survivors who will talk too your fears and questions,I’ll give you phone numer at the end of this message, I’m not real good on the computer like I was before,we would to embrace you in our tribe, look us up at san giego brain timer San Diego brain tumor foundation. Director, Connie Campbell. Sahara sharif, office manager. I look foreword to seeing you Hal clement just Mc’d our annual fund raising dinner. Agood to read,the power of positive thinking,by Norman Vincent peal, also, any Bernie siegle book. You are in my prayers, & I mean really in my prayers. I do a lot more praying now than ever before, that and meditation.who’d have thunk? Keep up with your yoga and you blood pressure down, minwas way elevated and I had stroke which has been more debilitating than anything due to the tumor,I you can join us one evening. Feel free to contact me directly. Debbie Lemore 760 9412129 I look forward to hearing from you, too am an-avid gardener, Robert does all the work here at home he also cares for me 24/ MMy husband,Robert.cares for me24/7 I must have done something really in past life, because I am reaping the rewards in this one, except for the brain tumor,etc.

    I look forward to hearing from you and hold positive thoughts.they always help.

  3. Janie Klein says:

    Any sign-off you decide on is god for me. I’d know your voice anywhere! Cheers!

  4. Brett Morey says:

    Perhaps just simply saying “Blessings to all…” could serve as a reminder that tomorrow is never promised and God’s love is never ending. Wishing you well on this journey…I believe there is still time for you to adopt a new sign off.

  5. craigblower says:

    Loren, we missed you at the Fleet Big Bang Gala Saturday. I was looking forward to meeting you after exchanging comments on each other’s blog. Sending you positive vibes. Craig Blower

  6. Pat Haeckel says:

    I watched you and Susie for a long time…I have loved your authenticness and your
    humbleness. My thoughts and prayers are with your whole family every day. You
    can and will beat this and then God has big plans for you after that.
    Pat Haeckel

  7. Joyce W ard says:

    Well, Loren, we know what Arlo’s sign-off would be. Either “Woof” or those deep gutteral moans he makes when he gets a belly rub. Keep fighting the good fight, Know that I think of you every day & pray for you & your family often. Can you get in touch?

  8. Leslie says:

    I’ve been watching you for a long time Loren and I will truly miss you. God bless and keep fighting!!

  9. says:

    we will miss you . want to wish you well .

  10. Loren, I see this as an opportunity to be something BIGGER than an evening news anchor… Don’t you??

  11. Anne Marasco says:

    I will always remember that you mentioned on air about my battle with the raccoons that kept destroying our roof…..I tried everything you recommended and more! Hilarious.
    Take care of yourself Loren.

  12. Reese Brothers says:

    Nooooo…..say it isn’t sooooo! The news will never be the same without you Loren. Thank God we have you here…blogging your most intimate thoughts on this recent journey; and occasionally seeing your familiar smile when you’re out and about. None of us, not even you, my friend are ready for any of this to end. So please continue on, with courage, faith and love, knowing how much we support you, applaud you and love you. Keep on keeping on, brother. We’ll be watching for your posts and pics when you and Susie take the RV out!

  13. Hershell Price says:

    Loren, I just downloaded “Proof of Heaven” onto my mini I Pad and started reading. I can’t set it down and it should be a “must read” for you. You will love it because it is a true story about a well known brain surgeon who suffered a “near death ” experience. Let me know what you think. Hershell

    Sent from my iPad

  14. Sandy Scholz says:

    You have given me so much more appreciation for working in my garden. It is my healing therapy as I heal from my lung cancer operation. My sweet peas this year have been glorious. I have gifted several bunches to family or strangers that could use a pickup. In fact, a very tiny rattle snake curled up right in front of where they were growing. Apparently I stepped right over him several times without knowing it. After coming back again, saw the little fellow and my husband and I got our famous bug jar, caught him (team effort) and walked him wayyyyyy back into our canyon out in the San Pasqual Valley. He didn’t bite me and we didn’t kill him, happy ending. That was our excitement for the day. Hearing your blog also made my day. Healing love to you and your family.

  15. Laurel says:

    Evening news is one thing…I’ll still look forward to every word you share with us right here!

  16. Donna Mazon says:

    I have to tell you that your presence is sorely missed at our home.
    Each night we click on our TV to watch Fox 5 news. Sometimes we sit and listen sometimes we do stuff in the kitchen but your voice fills the room.
    Sending you lots of prayers. I know you are fighting the fight. Against all Odds with this evil thing. May the Lord guide you and heal you.
    With that. I sign out as..
    The Lady that loves and miss Kathleen’s sidekick.

  17. sam dawson says:

    Good Night and Compost—-Sounds just fine to me.
    Sam Dawson

  18. Marion mullins says:

    I actually like PEACE AND COMPOST.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Good night and stay regular!

  20. gary and betty stewart says:

    how about, it aint over til it’s over over there! whooo hoooo! hang in loren!

  21. Kathy, Spring Valley says:

    Loren, It was so hard to read your comments, knowing that you were saying this was your last good-night on the air. But listening to your voice and your own words, was beyond hard to read. I will miss you very much and think of you every time I am in my garden or admiring the beauty of Mother Nature. You have taught us to appreciate what the earth gives and and to repsect it so that it will last for generations to come.

  22. Vince Moroney says:

    How bout: “Goodnight you freaks…stay who you be…cause in the AM…it’s still just you and me”

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