We have winners: Sign up now to attend journalism awards banquet

Thank you to The SPJ San Diego Pro Chapter for awarding me the 2013 San Diego Journalist of the Year. I’m blown away. And how cool to be honored in the company of so many San Diego journalists who taught me along the way. Thank you so much.

San Diego Society of Professional Journalists

The SPJ San Diego Pro Chapter is pleased to announce the 2013 SPJ journalism awards winnersof the annual SPJ San Diego Area Journalism Awards Contest and the 2013 San Diego Journalist of the Year.

SPJ will honor TV anchor and blogger Loren Nancarrow as 2013 San Diego Journalist of the Year, along with all contest winners, at the SPJ Annual Awards Banquet, set for Thursday, Jul. 11 at the Bali Hai.

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18 comments on “We have winners: Sign up now to attend journalism awards banquet
  1. Gail Stewart says:

    Congratulations Loren! So deserved!

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is so purposefully well-deserved! So glad that you are able to receive this honor! Congratulations! Dr PJ Watkins, forensic psychologist/child abuse advocate/court expert

  3. Adrienne says:

    Congratulations and well deserved !

  4. Joyce Ward says:

    Well deserved, Loren. Your Arlo approval rating is A+, & I double that!!!

  5. george milne says:

    Hah! congrats! Better dust off your tuxedo!

    • Bryn Faris says:

      Ah, George. I love that we follow the same stuff. I’m thinking Loren’s tux isn’t quite as dusty as yours is. 🙂 xoxoxo

  6. Randy says:

    This is epic! Loren you are loved well beyond the borders of San Diego and truly represent the best of the best journalism has to offer what with your cool blog and incredible work in television.

    In a year that found San Diego North County without a real newspaper, that saw the “other” paper in town being completely converted to an incredibly biased mouthpiece for a man of dubious scruples and practices and where attacks on Public Radio and Television got vicious .. this is happy and well-deserved bright spot!

  7. sheri says:

    Congratulations. A well deserved recognition.

  8. Patti Schwab RN says:

    Well deserved!!!

  9. Diane F. says:

    Congrats,They got it right this year. Wishing you the best!

  10. Congratulations! So happy to hear this. DAF

  11. Jackie Owens says:

    Congratulations Loren, a well deserved honor.

  12. Jim Pilling says:

    Good choice. A long over-due award to a very fine journalist. Miss seeing you now that I live in Eugene, Oregon. Much success to you in your conquest of the cancer bug. I still use your gardening tips up here.

  13. dream1 says:

    Congratulations, Loren!!!

  14. Jill Hammons says:

    COOL, COOL, COOL, Loren! They got it right!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Loren! You deserve this honor. So very happy for you. Keep up the great work. Always wish you the best because YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

    Linda Garnica

  16. busytvi says:

    Fantastic news! They chose the best one.

  17. Cat says:


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