Go On, Love Each Other

Hannah Jane Nancarrow

It’s been at almost 10 years since we were all in a room together. It doesn’t matter. The years melt away and it’s just like it was. I flash back to memories of three little girls selling eggs on the street corner, riding horses up old dirt roads, and growing together on our familiies’ little rural farms.
Now here the three of us are again. This time, gathered around a hospital room, seated beside Taylor’s bed — which brings me back to other, rawer memories of IVs and latex gloves, bottles of pills and of the sickness that stole my dad.
Taylor is powerful and extraordinary, and she has that sparkle in her eyes that makes me hopeful that this too shall pass — but I am careful to also acknowledge the message within the mess. The message being that life is precious and life is fleeting.
My sweet friend…

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Real Estate Broker, Owner of NRG, Inc. (Nancarrow Realty Group) we are a boutique Residential Real Estate Group. Focusing on personal relationships, technology and business trends in the real estate market. Most important to me is family, music, work, yoga, fitness, playing guitar. We've recently had our personal world turned upside down with the recent diagnosis of my husband having a malignant brain tumor. Coming from a family of writers, especially him... he's inspired me to write.

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4 comments on “Go On, Love Each Other
  1. Randy Kulesza says:

    I was and still am a big fan of your dad. Now a fan of you and your family. My company did the fence around your house in Rancho Santa Fe. Nancarrow family Rocks!!!!!

  2. merrypalmer says:

    So true, yet as they say, “It is not over until the fat lady sings!”. Thanks for the wonderful message probably only the challenged can hear. The sense of wisdom and insight in such a young person refreshing!

  3. Suzie Hallet says:

    Yes Hannah, yesterday did bring back many memories of all the simple fun times you all had together. I’ll have to send you a favorite picture of the 3 of you sitting our kitchen island doing an art project! Many good memories! XO Suzie Sent from my iPhone


  4. Anonymous says:

    Sending lots of thoughts and prayers for Taylor.

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