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Go On, Love Each Other

Originally posted on Hannah Jane Nancarrow:
It’s been at almost 10 years since we were all in a room together. It doesn’t matter. The years melt away and it’s just like it was. I flash back to memories of three…

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The Waiting Room Written By: Susie Nancarrow

Two wheelchairs, 1 male and 1 female, 60 something. One metal walker, female, 30 something. Two canes, 2 males, 60 something.The faces deep and resolute. The caregivers eyes blank and clear as if looking through a lens with no filter.

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No Panicking Allowed, These are the Easy Times

As we sit in a quiet sushi bar, Loren’ s seizure goes on longer than usual. I can hear the bones snapping in his hand, the twitching hits all of the joints and fingers in his right hand, filling me

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The Workout

Hannah says she sometimes thinks of Loren’s brain cancer and our family’s emotional response, as a hard workout. Just when you think you can’t spin another minute, you do and you become stronger. Wow, this is what I needed to hear

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