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8 Lessons From My Dad

Earlier this week, I had the honor and privilege of speaking at kickoff night of San Diego Women’s Week. It was such a special night for me and it excited and ignited me in ways I didn’t know were possible.

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Fox 5 Interview with Kathleen Bade

Today Susie and I stopped by Fox 5 San Diego for my first T.V. interview since the diagnosis. It felt so good to be back on air with my co-anchor Kathleen Bade. Click to watch the interview:  part one / part two Thanks for

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Where in the World is Loren Nancarrow?

Turns out I have been unclear. In my attempts to be artistic and profound, I have been vague. I haven’t really told you exactly what’s been going on in my life. The reason I haven’t been in my anchor chair

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Blob Busting Buds

Here are a few photos of some of my incredible friends who have come to visit. Thank you to everybody who has shared their kind words, positive energy, comforting stories and laughter with us. It is much appreciated. See you on

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Tumor Humor

I have a new “friend.” For the sake of this blog, its name is the “Blob.” He’s been with me for a while now, but I was just formally introduced to him when his picture appeared on an MRI Sunday

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