Let the Healing Begin

Got a visit from Rod this morning, the hospital’s therapy staff. That can’t be a good sign. He played me a beautiful Hawaiian song. The good news is I love Ukelele music, the bad news is that can’t be a good sign.

Beautiful Ukelele music proceeded the numbers 3 or 4. Not important. The importance is to let the healing begin. Susie and I are together, the kids are on their way, let the healing begin. What comes next we’ll discover but we’ll do it together. Those are words that have such powerful meaning in our family. I appreciate everything that’s been said and done about me in my life and especially during the last few days. I am honestly surprised as I can be a real butt head at times.

By the way the doctor and his team did a great job. Now it’s up to my team and we’re on it. Love you San Diego, let the healing begin.


[I will post the video of Rod playing later. The hospital has blocked access to Youtube—they hate fun here.]

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105 comments on “Let the Healing Begin
  1. Loren, Indeed let the healing begin. My father in law had a avocado sized melanoma removed from his brain on December 28th and a PET scan revealed 2 additional spots in his lung. Today he did his 3rd round of cyber knife radiation on his brain with 2 more to go. I do reiki with him 2 times a week and he says it really helps him. If you’re interested you can read about it on my website http://www.healingthrulove.net. We are locals and have been watching you for years. We walk and check the surf every morning at stonesteps.

  2. Jeanette says:

    Loren, you are an amazing man. I miss seeing you on the tube, but glad you are into kicking C’s butt. You have a great family who will hold you tight. Go man.

  3. Susan Albrecht says:

    I just subscribed to your blog. My husband and I have loved your reporting for soooo many years. You are truly an icon here in San Diego. Our prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong Loren and keep your wonderful, humorous, nature friendly spirit above all.

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