Cobalt Blue

My friend, Bill Toone, is a wildlife biologist. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that he boils the  whole world down into the chemical reactions that make us who we are. We eat because of chemical reactions. We breed because of chemical reactions. And, thank goodness, our emotions are really nothing more than a chemical reaction. I’d be in trouble if I had to maintain this level of emotional response over an extended period of time. After a week, I’ve exhausted my own supply of emotive chemicals. I’m sorry, but I’ve had to turn to Xanax to help turn them off a little bit. We have cried with love, cried with fear, laughed with love and laughed for no particular reason at all.

I may not look like it on T.V., but I’m a rocker. I’m Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Steven Tyler and Crazy Train still makes me pick up an air guitar. But for the past week I have not been able to get Mama Cass Elliot “Dream a Little Dream of Me” out of my freakin’ head. If this is part of the cure…then I have to reconsider the treatment.

Treatment is the phase we move to this week. What is the blob? What has its kind responded to in the past? What’s the point? If any. This is where the pros will help, but it’s also where you all seem to have so much experience and have provided me with questions to ask and options to consider. And, I thank you for that.

By the way, for the past 40 years I’ve worn a suit and tie and done nothing crazier than to have a “soul patch” for a while. But today, I had my finger nails painted cobalt blue. The barista (or whatever you call her) at the Pannikin said, with genuine sincerity, that she liked them and it made my day. It excites me about the possibilities of tomorrow.



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102 comments on “Cobalt Blue
  1. DeeJay Arnold says:

    Loren, San Diegans love you and are praying for you during this time. I’m sorry to be among those who want to help by giving you unsolicited advice, however, please research alkalizing your body to its optimal ph levels. Cancer thrives in acidic conditions, which is caused by all the processed foods we eat. It may be a huge diet change, but you might agree that saving your own life would be worth it.

    Love the nails! San Diegans should wear cobalt blue ribbons so we can support you in your fight!

  2. Hang in there Loren. Your sense of humor will see you through the tough spots. Your family and friends will be by your side through this fight. As others have replied, you are indeed a treasure to San Diego and we aren’t finished with you yet.

  3. Terry Rodgers says:

    Tangled up in blue. Surely Dylan would approve. I wish you a speedy recovery. You’ve been an amazing ambassador for the environment, the coast and ocean. We need you, brother. Grow the soul patch back.

  4. Rita says:

    You and your blue are awesome! Thank you for making my day!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. sam diego says:

    I will never tire of saying it……You my friend are a San Diego treasure. Loren thank you for taking the time to console us, strengthen us & guide us as we follow you on your courageous journey. You are truly an amazing soul who’s soul patch can be seen miles away….as for your “Freak Flag” as Kathleen Bade so eloquently put it…..You wear it well my friend and have inspired this Pirate today….all in your Honor

    “stay the course of all your dreams” (for all our sake) ~ sam diego

  6. Don Clark says:

    Thank you.

  7. Vince Moroney says:

    What about those toes amigo?

  8. Jim Simon says:

    My prayers are certainly given to sending you positive energy and asking the ruler of the land, sea, air and universe to direct your way, his healing power. Even so, do give some thought to the fish in the fish bowl analogy. If you had a fish in a fish bowl that looked stressed and you also realized that you hadn’t been attending to the issue of refreshing the water, would you treat the fish or the water first and foremost? I submit to you that if you attended to the correctness of the water, the fish would respond favorably. If on the other hand you limited your attention to the fish, no matter the cure, the fish would still be subjected to the same toxins the were maintained in the water, and would continue to respond poorly. Similarly, if we look at the correctness of the fluids within, since we are physically not much more than an elaborate vessel designed to maintain fluids, or more germane, designed to function as a fluid alkaline battery, generating energy and discharging bi-products in one of four ways. Anytime any of these systems are overstressed or gummed up, we’re bound to incur negative consequences. So first and foremost, check and maintain your PH level. Optimally it should be right around 7.6. It most likely, unless steps have already been taken to manage your level, is probably closer to 7.2 or lower. If so, you’re not any better off than the fish I mentioned earlier.
    Loren, I offer you this while recognizing that I could have just said, be brave, be strong and be hopeful, without giving anything tangible or concrete to cause you optimism. We are action oriented. This then has been a call to action, rather than a swan song. I wouldn’t tell my soccer players to go and out score our opponents unless I coached them as to the skills, mindset, vision and knowledge that exceeded that of their adversaries. Your adversary may be capable of consuming you but not out smarting you! Take the upper hand and beat it with good knowledge, good friends and good action by everyone on your team. Be the coach and know how the game can be played to your advantage. Then you too will be swimming with the best of them for a long time to come.

    Yours in spirit and sincerity,

    P.S. I think your friend Bill Toone would agree, we are both talking about a chemical balance that needs to be managed for everything within to behave properly. js

  9. pam mcglynn says:

    I have a similar love of crazy blue nail color…mine is denim chrome. Best of luck beating that bad blob. You show it who’s boss.

  10. Rozzen Bagger says:

    The look WORKS Loren. Thinking about you a lot. Your posts are fantastic and I wish everyone had your outlook on life. Hugs and Kisses!

  11. Bobbie Cruzen says:

    Wonderful to hear you are out of the hospital. Surgery is a tough matter for our bodies to handle. You are right on target these few days after. When the anesthesia wears off the body suddenly realizes it’s been intruded and starts yelling for an explanation. The whole of you is literally rocking and rolling until your body accepts what has happened. Xanax is a big help in what I refer to as “situational” matters. It kind of softens the sharp edges until you are ready to sail the ship by yourself again.

    I don’t know what it is like to face the many challenges you’re experiencing. But I liked hearing your wife was reading Rumi at midnight. I have read some of his work along the way and found he is an author of simple yet confounding truths. Enjoy the many undeniable blessings coming your way. They will come in handy in the the days ahead.

    Continue to be yourself and take good care of “you” for I’m sure your adventures with the Blob have just begun. During this time remember you are in a position for a miracle to happen, in whatever shape or form it comes to you and to your family. Many people are surrounding you now in hoping for something good to come of this temporary roadblock. Be assured that you will find a detour to take you in the direction that is best.
    From Chula Vista, …… Bobbie

  12. Kim Allen Ronfeldt says:

    You are looking very badass Loren. Love you tons..

  13. Dan Oury says:

    Diggin the cobalt. Bless you Loren.

  14. Love how the blue nail polish coordinates with the blue in your plaid shirt. You’re so stylish. And I know your chemicals are all aligning to get rid of the uninvited blob. Sending you lots of healing light and love. If any of your healing chemicals had bad side affects, like nausea, I highly recommend acupuncture. It got me through chemo nausea-free. I’ll be glad to recommend my acupuncturist who has lots of experience helping cancer patients to full recovery.

  15. membiegarcia says:

    You look great! It is nice to know you’re going out and doing stuff soon after the surgery. You are a cool guy even before…so any color would look good on you ‘coz you know how to rock it!
    I also had a blob before but on a different site, finished my 5-year of treatment and happy to let you know that I defeated the blob. I am very lucky to have my family especially Vernon behind me when was going through all of this. You are strong, have faith and you have a loving family that will also help you.
    We will continue to pray for your healing, strength and positive thoughts for you, Suzie and the kids.
    May God Bless you and your family.
    Vernon, Membie & Kids(Alex,Daniel&Alen)Garcia

  16. Tony Foster says:

    You don’t know me. We’ve never met. But you have been in my home countless days and nights since I moved here. I have always enjoyed you and your work. I have not had the pleasure of enjoying your work as much lately due to my work hours and for this I feel cheated. But even more so, I feel cheated when I see the love you have around you, not just now but from a lifetime of being. This alone should be the support, the rock, that carries you for the next few rough days and weeks. But we know there is much more to support you. Rather than blithering and blathering on meaninglessly, I wanted to say my thoughts and prayers will be with you as you beat this crud. Bop Bob the Blob. And…… go for broke. Get the Toe nails done too and REALLY wow the crowd.

  17. Donna says:

    My family and I are Leucadians- we know how much and why you love this town so much- Loren, you have been one of my favorite local newspersons for many many years and I look so very forward to seeing your beautiful face again in my living room very soon-

  18. Marie Hutchinson says:

    You would never remember meeting me, but we had a conversation in Balboa Park (and again when you were looking for a home for your shepherd) and I told you that when you changed networks, I went with you. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates your environmental approach to life and your humor. From one tree hugger to another – kick butt, damn it! You ROCK!

  19. Mike Thomas says:

    Loren I salute you! Keep charging my friend…… looking forward to seeing you soon….

  20. Lisa Gualco says:

    What I want to know is if you intentionally matched the blue stripe in your shirt? Blob won’t be able to beat your sense of humor & rockin’ positive attitude! Keep up the adventuresome spirit! Best wishes!

  21. Cathy Dittrich says:

    Loren, you are obviously making a blip out of the blob with every positive breath you take. The blue polish is very macho!! It makes your eyes pop!! You and your darling family are in our thoughts and prayers every day and night!

  22. Very, very interesting. I think I love it. I’m a parishioner from Nativity. Been praying for you. Blessings, The McKenna Family

  23. Cheryl Pronchick says:

    Way to go, Loren! I applaud your courage to let your true colors show!! You’ve earned it, man!

  24. Marilyn Wells says:

    Love it! Rock on, Loren! xo

  25. Blue is your color. (And I’d use your son’s hashtag for you right now, but that’s a private matter! lol) It’s nice to see you fly your freak flag. Despite that suit and tie, those of us who really know you, saw it sticking out the bottom of your jacket for years. You are now and forever, my favorite hippie. Be well pardner.

  26. Kristine Simmons says:

    Hello, I just happen to stumple upon your blog via a friend on FB who shared it. I also happen to have come just recently across something I find worth looking into with regards to curing cancer. I believe in natural cures and I don’t even want to get into what I think of the FDA. I pray you see this post and do some research into something called Soursop or the fruit from the graviola tree which I read is a miraculous natural cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemo. If you just do some research on the internet you can create your own opinion on whether it is legit but I believe since it’s 100% natural I cannot harm (like most man made cures do). Apparently internal cancer research showed and proved its positive effects but since, due to some regulations, the FDA cannot make profits of something that is natural those findings were never published. I hope this information will be of some value to you. Sincerely, a friend.

  27. Rcjaydenhj says:

    Loren,   I want to send my thoughts and prayers your way during your boxing match with Blob. Give him a set of jabs and follow it with a stong right hook to knock him out.   I went through this battle with my father 12 years ago and sat in his corner with a spit can the whole way.  I know its a tough opponent but dont let him get to you.   Keep up with the posts as much as you can and make sure to hug and kiss your family for being strong teammates through his time. Ryan Anderson (Dr Nichols asst)

    Sent from my Samsung smartphone on AT&T

  28. carol Vernon says:

    blue is the new you…..go with it, where ever it takes you…

  29. Jan Pollard says:

    God’s got this. Got you. I’m praying for the right treatment and the right timing on everything. It’s so unnerving when we’re faced with our own mortality. Prayers have kept my friend, Roger, here a year after his stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis. He is doing beautifully. Wishing you quality of life, in a quantitative way. You do ROCK.

  30. Mary Reed says:

    Loren…You are such a treasure to your San Diego Fan Club!! Those of us who have followed you from one TV station to another, loved your gardening tips and your fun loving attitude. We are now following you on Facebook and your blog. Sending our love and prayers for a healthy tomorrow and many more to come..

  31. Charlene says:

    You look fabulous with blue nails darling! Looking forward to more outrageous activity! Why not?!!!

  32. Vicki Butler-Hagen says:

    You look great!! Cobalt blue is a perfect healing color – you can beat this booger, Loren. You have an powerful army of love and prayers on your side to help see you through!!

  33. The nails are all right. It’s the black head band that rocks the whole look. Sending love.

  34. Barbara Decker says:

    Rockin’ the Cobalt! Good on ya & good for you! This new perspective has given you a wider berth for the best healing possible. I’ll be sending all the best to you in all forms possible, and holding your family in warmth and grace.

  35. Terre says:

    Don’t worry about Xanax! Thank goodness for it. I turned to it last year when I nearly lost my husband to a deadly infection! Totally loving the cobalt blue polish! Sending out positive thoughts to you & your family!

  36. Kathie says:

    Loren, I am one of the people that you don’t know and have never met. Well you know me in a roundabout way: I work for the City of San Diego and was THRILLED when you became our Green Business Network spokesman. You are so well-respected and literally loved. I want to say something hopeful, comforting, and encouraging for you. Maybe telling you my experience will achieve that. First of all, in response to Audrey’s comment above, I AM a TWO TIME cancer WINNER! Yea baby, you know it!! And my dad is a winner, my brother is a winner, and my stepmother is a winner (2 times also)! My friends Sandi and Adrienne are winners! Like you, I had an overwhelming amount of emotive chemicals, and those are exhausting in themselves. But personally, I felt sooo much better once actual treatment began. Now that I am cancer-free, I never go a single day without fun nail polish! Keep it up! Add the sparkles! Make it two-toned! Much love to you and your family.

  37. Claudia says:


    You have always struck me as a handsome intelligent warm human being, and I think the blue nail polish only enhances this image! Keep on truckin’ and my favorite encouragement of late is the quote from Finding Nemo, Dori the fish, “Just keep swimming”.

  38. Caren Rowley says:

    Love the cute beany and the blue fingernails! You can do this, just like me :-). I’m an 8 year brain cancer survivor! 1 surgery and 24 months of Temodar (easy oral chemo, if you have the anti nausea medication). I’m not only here, but living an excellent
    quality of life :-). Ps, Pannikin is our family’s favorite place :-). Stay positive!

  39. tiateachTia says:

    I responded to you on your facebook page, but here I want to encourage you to consider some alternative modalities. The best classical homeopath in the western hemisphere lives and works in Escondido. He has transformed the lives of many, many folks with serious illnesses, including me. If your mind is open — go to He is one of the angels on the planet at this time.

  40. Ken Compton says:

    Dude, digging the nails only a rocker can pull that off! It is great to see you and hear from you, if your gonna get a Mama Cass song stuck in your head get “Words Of Love” (1967) by The Mama’s and the Papa’s off of YouTube and Dig It! Us gazelle fans are looking forward to hearing your unique perspective on things, just enjoy the ride and don’t concern yourself with being politically correct or any other such nonsense. We Nancarrow fans & friends enjoy and appreciate having such a cool character on TV, and in our lives. Your blog is great and it is cool to see you up and chasing Xanax with coffee. Just get better at your own pace, no matter what we got your back.
    Oh and your Family ROCKS!

  41. Denise Rule says:

    You are a precious treasure!

  42. Toni Palafox says:

    Tomorrow you may change your polish from blue to green or red or pink, just do what your heart tells you to do. Let your chemicals have a break. It is good to hear you are already visiting baristas. Strength and well wishes to you and your family.

  43. Tim Flannery says:

    rock on…brother…

  44. Susan Amelse-Raines says:

    I’ve traveled down the long and winding road a few times and I never would have made it without the Xannies! They right your sails a bit and give you the ability to carry on.So don’t be sorry!! This is a scary time and being able to relax a bit is good medicine. Love the nails! You look well! Hang in there Nancarrow Family. Susan

  45. audreywilmot says:

    Blue nail polish is your color Loren. I know you don’t know me and have never met me in person. but I am praying hard for you and hoping this cancer goes away! You see I buried my brother my father and 1/22/12 my mother from cancer, it has taken my friends my sponsor in recovery , I hate the very word the very disease ! It robs
    Please know that I worry about you your wife your family. I wish I had a cancer winner in my mist! But all I love and know I have list
    So please break this bad and show me people can and Do Survive l
    A friend that one day hopes to meet you

    God Bless you
    Audrey Wilmot

  46. mikaele48 says:

    Really great to see you looking so good this soon after such major surgery ! I really appreciate you letting us in, and some of the fascinating insights you are gaining through this harrowing experience. Just remember that a lot of people love you Loren, and we’re pullin’ for ya ! PS – I remember you in the suits, but I also remember some “wild and crazy” times after the 10 O’clock news on KOB ! Mike

  47. Victoria says:

    Stay strong my friend. Go see the juice guy in Encinitas I have S the info.

  48. Robin Toft says:

    Loren – you are amazing and these are priceless posts! When can we see you? Roy and Robin Toft

  49. cobolt blue and no sparkles?? BTW, I did write a post mentioning you and your blog. I really hope that that is okay, if not, I will gladly remove it. Thanks. DAF

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