Cobalt Blue

My friend, Bill Toone, is a wildlife biologist. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that he boils the  whole world down into the chemical reactions that make us who we are. We eat because of chemical reactions. We breed because of chemical reactions. And, thank goodness, our emotions are really nothing more than a chemical reaction. I’d be in trouble if I had to maintain this level of emotional response over an extended period of time. After a week, I’ve exhausted my own supply of emotive chemicals. I’m sorry, but I’ve had to turn to Xanax to help turn them off a little bit. We have cried with love, cried with fear, laughed with love and laughed for no particular reason at all.

I may not look like it on T.V., but I’m a rocker. I’m Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Steven Tyler and Crazy Train still makes me pick up an air guitar. But for the past week I have not been able to get Mama Cass Elliot “Dream a Little Dream of Me” out of my freakin’ head. If this is part of the cure…then I have to reconsider the treatment.

Treatment is the phase we move to this week. What is the blob? What has its kind responded to in the past? What’s the point? If any. This is where the pros will help, but it’s also where you all seem to have so much experience and have provided me with questions to ask and options to consider. And, I thank you for that.

By the way, for the past 40 years I’ve worn a suit and tie and done nothing crazier than to have a “soul patch” for a while. But today, I had my finger nails painted cobalt blue. The barista (or whatever you call her) at the Pannikin said, with genuine sincerity, that she liked them and it made my day. It excites me about the possibilities of tomorrow.



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102 comments on “Cobalt Blue
  1. BonitaX says:

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  2. Hi Loren: I watched you on TV for years! Glad to know I can still enjoy you but now online. PS: your fingernails are the color of my toenails, which I ALWAYS paint Cobalt Blue.

  3. Hi Loren. The blue becomes you! Thanks for introducing yourself to our site. We look forward to exploring yours! If you’re a facebook user we’d love for you to check out our page. Maybe after visiting them both the next time someone asks “where in the world is Loren Nancarrow?” the answer will be Kerala! See you there!

  4. carolyn says:

    Loren, we have loved your commentaries for SO many years. i have followed your gardening tips. TNX!! We are praying for all the best for you and your family during this most difficult and trying time. Your positive attitude will guide you thru this unexpected journey. Above all, remember.. You are loved!

  5. Norma Clancy says:

    Loren, love the nails.Reminds me when my boys were young. I painted their nails. All three boys had big smiles. But the best part was when we painted my husband toe nails as he nap.Only to wake up and telling kids great job! The giggles was priceless and my husband had to rush to work. Praying for healing and there is healing in laughter! Thinking of you and family! ❤

  6. Kim Allen Ronfeldt says:

    I got my Cobalt blue today!! Next…. toes and fingers!! Yea!!!

  7. bloggoneit says:

    Dear Loren.
    I have only met you a couple times while out and about in Encinitas but you were always genuinely nice to me and my family; I appreciate that greatly.

    Your story has greatly touched my heart and I know you have received lots of love from family, friends, and complete strangers like me. Because I am a stranger, you don’t know if I’m crazy or a stable, mostly stay-at-home mom, but even though you don’t know me from Adam, I would like to present to you the incredible work being done by a fellow Encinitas resident, Carol Baggerly.

    The short story of Carol is that she was diagnosed with breast cancer many years ago, and after dealing with chemo, she decided to quit this path and find out everything she could about alternative therapies. She is a scientist, after all.

    If I didn’t know her personally (and her son, daughter-in-law), I wouldn’t even recommend her site to you but I do know the Baggerlys and know that she is a highly educated, tenacious, no-nonsense type of woman. She went in search of something for herself and ended up starting an organization.

    Please check it out and see if what Carol says (along with many UC medical doctors, a Harvard scientist and others) makes sense for you and your family. Knowing that you’re open to alternative therapies, this information may help you. Here’s the site:

    Should you like to be introduced to Carol to interview her for yourself, I”m happy to facilitate that meeting and/or simply call the number on the website.

    I wish you the best.

    Cathie Nichols aka ‘Bloggoneit’

  8. Angel says:

    I Just have to chuckle Loren….They look superb on you and oh so shiny, look at you go! Can’t wait to see what the next color will be : )

  9. lesquit says:

    Those nails kick ass! Go Loren Go!!

  10. Cara Furio says:

    You make a difference Loren!

  11. Deb says:

    Rock on! Your aura is cobalt blue and you inspire just by being you.

  12. Chuck Helsel says:

    Loren, I just planted 4 cobalt planters for my deck must have Your spirit is an inspiration to all of us. As usual it’s not about the ratings game for you, it’s about what is real, meaningful and not necessarily politically correct. Love you and your family, Chuck

  13. Debbie says:

    Mr. Loren, much prayers have been sent up 4 U, so now it’s time 4 U n ur family 2 sit back n enjoy life, set no limits on what R God can, n will do! Start looking 4ward 2 a long n wild life, ROCK ON!!!!!

  14. Jennifer Bechtel Amundsen says:

    Hey you,
    By some coincidence or fate, I too, was reading Rumi that night as sweet, strong, lovely Susie was reading him to you. I would argue that you are not deep enough to “get” him, but others have before argued this before me and you do not need me to get all emotional on you…which you know I am apt to do. So, I thought I’d share some Rumi that I feel just may have influenced this latest daring cobalt nail choice…or perhaps will influence future daring choices:
    “Forget safety.
    Live where you fear to live.
    Destroy your reputation.
    Be notorious.”
    ― Rumi
    No gazelles or flowers here!
    Love the nails, sweet friend, and love you.

  15. denise rich says:

    Thinking of you and your family. Sharing is good, and you truly have the full love and support of all of the people whose lives you have touched in this fine city, in addition to your family Loren. Best to you, I will be keeping track of you…..Denise Rich

  16. Kr says:

    Lou Gramm says it’s got to be Cherry Red, or Midnight Blue…I think he’s talking about cars but fingernails might be in the mix. You made me laugh today, and so far, nobody else has. Kr

  17. Michelle says:

    Sometimes blue nail polish is all you need to propel you forward. Check out this video “The scared is scared” to brighten your day and watch until the end:

    I’ll keep ya in my prayers.

  18. Linda Sladwick says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Be strong.

  19. Dar says:

    Everyday is a special surprise in life. No one knows what tomorrow holds. Hold on to your family and friends today; We are holding your hand in prayer. The City loves you Loren.

  20. Jennifer Yoder says:

    My sister-in-law, Danna Korn Van Noy, your old neighbor, shared your first blog post last week and I am now rooting for up here in Northern California too! Your posts are funny, poignant, real, and so engaging. If this is how you read in black and white I can only imagine that your real life presence must be pretty awesome! Your family is beautiful, I have four little blondies of my own:) I pray that you kick cancer’s butt and will root you on along the way. For an inspirational story on kicking cancer’s butt check out Judy Pickett online, a local friend of mine, she beat breast cancer THREE times and now has her own foundation to provide college scholarships to kids whose families are affected by cancer. Oh yeah, she also formed the Pink Ribbon Running Club and has run in 137 breast cancer runs in 44 states! My point is, there is life, great life, after a diagnosis, keep fighting!!

  21. Laurie Mitchell says:

    First, I want to send prayers and love to you and your family. Second, i want to tell you how my family has enjoyed you over so many years. You always seemed like a neighbor and a friend. I have had a family member and my husband’s dear friend fight this same fight. I lost my sister to cancer over 15 years ago. When she was in the hosp., a neighbor of hers that had had brain cancer and who had been near death several times came in to see her often so that she could see that sometimes miracles do happen, He was not expected to live, but he did. Fight with your whole heart and turn it over to God. Use your beautiful words to say everything now to your loved ones. None of us are promised tomorrow. Fight the fight, Laugh, cry and Laugh some more. Find your Peace and embrace each day. Sending Love and Hugs.

  22. Thomas & Laura Baugh says:

    Loren, I thought of you when I heard and read these two pieces. The first talks about how nobody has ever solved the mystery of life logically or philosophically. To that Rumi says” It is not fitting I tell thee more,
    For the stream-bed cannot hold the sea”. The other was an anonymous poem that I have always loved because of its simplicity, it is called “I’m Glad”
    I’m glad the sky is painted blue;
    And the earth is painted green;
    And such a lot of fresh air
    All sandwiched in between.
    I hope this goes with your blue nails and brings a smile to your lips! I also hope you are getting some of that fresh air.
    With love and positive vibrant energy to you,
    Thomas, Laura,& Critter Baugh

  23. Lisa Winston says:

    JUST DO IT! Don’t let a day go by that you don’t try something crazy, something new. We ALL need to embrace that. I LOVE your words, your posts and I don’t even know you and LOVE your Spirit, who you are. Blue is my favorite color. You are such a gift. Sending you love and healing thoughts with the belief that the Universe will supply you with all of the answers and move you in the right direction! Hugs! Lisa

  24. Eddie Guevarra says:

    Go Loren, we’re all behind you! You’re a great guy with a great family! Love the nails & love that you go to Pannikin. My favorite coffee shop in San Diego. 🙂

  25. David Holloway says:

    I would have gone with a color that more closely matches your eyes… Be well my friend and hold your family close, that’s where we all get our strength. Love to you and Susie!

  26. Peggy b says:

    Rock on buddy!

  27. Martha Baker says:

    Love the fingernails – keep ’em guessing and have fun with everyday. Wear your watch on the other arm – that’ll shake up some brain cells. Hugs.

  28. Carol says:

    Pick a green to go with your eyes next!

  29. Rick Corcoran says:

    I can’t wait to see what the tattoo is going to be! Fly like an eagle…

  30. Julie Manion says:

    Loren you are amazing. Your finger nails painted cobalt blue are ugly. I admire you for painting them anyway. Get well soon rocker.

  31. Reese Brothers says:

    Loren, the Cobalt Blue is striking, but somehow I see you more of an Aqua Man, both in color and in character…with sincere admiration and humility~

  32. Sandi B says:

    Next week go purple.

  33. Bobbie C. says:

    I have a purple, deep dark blue, green nail colors if you want to borrow. And as your wife and female friends will attest…O.P.I. is the best. Have a GREAT day today.

  34. Phyllis Ramage says:

    My dear Loren, You are a fantastic man with many friends and the Lord has blessed you with a great spirit, personality and a beautiful soul. You only have to look out the window and see the great beauty that God has created and he created you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, the Lord says in the Bible. He has even created the chemical reactons in our bodies. As you rest and heal, take time to read the Bible. It speaks to you like nothing else can. Start in John. It will speak to your soul. Your soul is eternal and it needs to be nourished with the truth, The truth will set you free and give you great peace and I love your fingernails . You are just adorable and I can see why Susie loves you so much. We in our family love you, too.
    Phyllis Ramage

  35. Patty and Jeff Daniels says:

    Hi Loren, Jeff and I are with you all the way. You can do it! The journey can be difficult but it can be wonderful too!

  36. Cindy Traisi says:

    You go, boy!
    Lookin’ good.

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