The Voice of an Angel?


Kathleen Bade, my Fox 5 co-anchor at 6 & 10pm, loves to sing and dance. She loves loves loves to sing and dance. As a former ballerina and ASU cheerleader, she’s got championship moves, and she loves singing so much that she breaks into tune during every Fox 5 commercial break and has even been known to belt out a number when she hears a particularly snappy cell phone ringtone. It probably needs to be added here that Kathleen Bade was granted the worst voice ever given to a human being. When she sings, puppies die and angels’ wings fall off. Even when I’ve tried to record it, my recorder refuses to operate. The only way to explain it is to tell you that the sound that comes to mind whenever I hear it is two styrofoam coolers being rubbed together.

Now, on the other hand, Hal clement has a beautiful, melodic voice and I’m happy to say I don’t know whether or not he can dance. Sadly, Hal’s songs don’t hold much relevance to me because he grew up in a generation far from my own rock’n’roll roots. He remembers music well from his vast 78rpm collection.  Lest you think I’m just a jerk, you need to know I had lunch with both my present and former work buddies this week and was so glad to hear them being rude and irreverent. In other words, they treated me like they’ve always treated me and it made me happy. On the flip side, I’ve also run into other people recently who want to cover me with shawls and shuffle me into a rocking chairs. Like others who have received unwelcome medical news, I just want to be treated as I was before the news broke.

It’s good to be getting out and seeing people. If we run into one another, feel free to abuse me and make scar jokes. That’s secret code for “I love you, man.”

And if you ever have a chance to hear Kathleen sing— you really shouldn’t miss it.



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45 comments on “The Voice of an Angel?
  1. […] never been much of a solo act.  Just read Loren’s blog about my singing.  I love to be part of a team.  I’m just so thrilled and proud they’re allowing me […]

  2. […] never been much of a solo act.  Just read Loren’s blog about my singing.  I love to be part of a team.  I’m just so thrilled and proud they’re allowing me […]

  3. The Making of a Monster (Billboard) | FOX5 San Diego – San Diego news, weather, traffic, sports from KSWB says:

    […] never been much of a solo act.  Just read Loren’s blog about my singing.  I love to be part of a team.  I’m just so thrilled and proud they’re allowing me […]

  4. Randy Baker says:

    So… the upshot of this post is that you bought a motor home and you’re going to invite Kathleen Bade to come along and sing while you travel so 2-3 years will seem like a 50?

    Also, check this out and use this line liberally…Eets not a tooma!

    So you know … there’s a bunch of Buddhists chanting for your complete victory over this up here in Vista. You are loved so much it’s ridiculous!

  5. Jodie French says:

    I find your blog very uplifting! You see my mom was diagnosed with blader cancer (invasive) last year and it didn’t look good. Her spirit just like yours was not going to let cancer win. She is 75 years old and went through a bladder resection and now wears the little bag. Finally after almost a year of chemo and surgeries she is pain free and doing well. Now…..breast cancer. So once again she fights. But you know what? I am so happy to say that my mom has adjusted to her new challenge with courage and dignity and she is living life with the greatest grace. If there is anyone on earth who has perfected the art of being content in any circumstance, that would be my mom; her heart is anchored to peace. Yours will be too. Take one day at a time, put one foot in front of the other and remember Eleanor Roosevelt: “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”. AND. YOU. WILL.
    Fondly – Jodie

  6. Jessica Cisneros Evans says:

    Loren- I used to see you at Frog’s Encinitas and Vons a lot, but never said “hi” as I didn’t want to disturb you on your time off. 🙂 I will be sure to say ‘hello’ the next time I see you and truly wish you the best in your recovery! (Kathleen is also a friend of mine, I went to High School w/ her husband…Jeff). I’ll be sure to ask her to sing to me the next time I see her, as I didn’t even realize that!! (BTW..I love reading your Blog’s…you’re a great writer!). I’ll keep sending positive thoughts your way.

  7. Retta Jones says:

    Wow, she could still be in a choir though, we blend together perfectly, and the bad singers just don’t get noticed, and I can appreciate the old stuff too, I am 51 and like a lot of old stuff, and lately even some of the new stuff that gets my feet and hands going while driving. I can’t sit still when driving, and I would not dream of babying you or anyone over 39. Love and affection,

    Retta Susy Bluhm Jones

  8. In my defense, I have no defense. Loren speaks the truth, but what he doesn’t underscore enough is that I am the BEST worst singer you’ll ever meet. And if you’re going to do something, do it right people. Yes, I was given the gift of song minus the ability to hit actual human notes, but that’s no reason not to seranade those you love. And unfortunately for Loren – I do in fact love my friend. Though come to think of it, he didn’t have a brain tumor before I started singing. Hmmm.

  9. Ruby says:

    that is classic : ) thanks for posting that bit of fun Loren !

  10. Lois Bach says:

    Hal and I used to play music trivia during the commercial breaks and he was actually pretty good with 1960’s rock and roll. I’d always beat him though!

  11. Jeanie Morshead says:

    If it’s any consolation, Kathleen, I love to sing, too, but I can’t carry a tune in a bucket! People have actually turned off their car radios when I’ve felt the urge. LOL To Loren, I love ya’, Man!! I hope I do get the opportunity to meet you in person, maybe at the Loren’s Blue Crew party. Hint, hint…

  12. jerryscala says:

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  13. Justin G. McCarthy says:

    Loren, having gotten my first facial scar around the age of 7 I say welcome to the club. Now you are not just another pretty face. Saw Rock of Ages at the Helen Hayes Theatre in NYC on Saturday night. Great show, you and Susie would love it. Hope this President’s Day finds you feeling well. All our love from Philly. J & H, R & M.

  14. Loren Nancarrow! I remember you from a 10 year stint I did in San Diego and I want to say I am following you with faith you’ll be fine. The world needs more beauty and you are it. Best to you.

  15. Mary Hall says:

    Loren…I have always been a huge fan and you brighten my day anytime, I always watch whatever news channel you are on and look forward to seeing you again, thank you for all you have given…many blessings to you.

  16. Bonnie Jordan says:

    Loren, I just love you! You are so real. Being patronized is messed up, under any circumstances. So, good deal. You put it out there and anyone with any dignity will already know it and at least understand it. Hope to see you around!! ❤ Bonnie

  17. Cara Furio says:

    Loren, you are so funny and are truly from back East! You have that back East sarcasm and wit!!

  18. candye kane says:

    Loren – this is candye kane – i had pancreatic cancer and beat it twice. you will come out stronger for your trials!! stay tough darling! xo

  19. Noreen Croyle, Teacher says:

    Will be happy to oblige and abuse away, in fact I’m hoping to diss the crap outta ya for a v-e-r-y long time.

  20. Kathie says:

    Is it too soon to make “Frankenstein” and “Give my monster life!” jokes about your scar? Love you!!!

  21. Sandi Banister says:

    Loren, the issue is … We love you so expect me to still care about you. Well, share your skull scar. Bet Jim’s is worse! Oh hell, I can’t be mean- I adore you!

  22. Whoever told you bald is beautiful lied. How’s that for I love you?

  23. Sally Burch says:

    I love this whole writing!! So funny & it’s agreed- if i ever see you or meet you in person, I’ll be happy to behave as you want!

  24. george Milne says:
  25. Janie Klein says:

    Loren, I have been watching you for years and I have thoroughly enjoyed your professional, yet kick back behavior. Please get better quickly :). I always think a little humor helps the day. This article is funny. Enjoy! 🙂

    The link didn’t turn blue, so you’ll have to cut and paste it into the address line. It’s worth a good laugh. Sincerely, Janie Klein, a fellow gardener.

  26. Donald Davis says:

    I remember when you first came to town, and everyone said you looked like Tim Flannery.

  27. Catherine Johnson says:

    Wow, I was just in conversation today with a dear friend about feeling the same way you do. I am going through a catastrophic medical condition since Oct. 2012. There will be an end, I am still me, my condition does not define me, let’s get on with it! I applaud your attitude!

  28. Just read of Ms. Bade’s singing and wanted to pass on how very off key my daughter is at the top of her lungs. She has cerebral palsy and music of all genres is one of her loves-however the very worst voice but sang with such joy everyone forgives . (I think!)

    Keep the joy in the moment!!

  29. Wow Loren, you make a point so well, with the humor it takes for us to hear it. I know what you mean about how people treat you differently when they’ve heard the diagnosis. They unintentionally bury you before you’re ready. I’m a cancer survivor myself. One of my friends surprised us all by dying in December of a cancer that she refused to tell us about. She knew she didn’t want to be treated differently for the last 6 months of her life and I still remember her looking the picture of good health & humor two weeks before she passed. I really admire her for how she did it her way to get the most out of her life. and I love your empowering messages. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, as you always have. Wishing you joy always.

  30. Shelley Gaines says:

    Loren, It’s nice to know that your humor is still intact, post blob! We love you and hope to see you soon. ~Shelley from Dr. Monahan’s office

  31. Just keep ’em comin’, Loren!
    I have the same, exact tumor, and have had it since 1991. At that time, they told me I most likely had no more than six months to live and that it was inoperable. Well, my friend, my “blob” still lives with me today and I am still here! Some days are much more bearable than others but according to my darling daughter, way back then, “Mom, God’s just not finished with you yet and the Devil’s afraid you’re goin’ take over”!
    Keep that thought in mind…I’d love to chat sometime. Deb

  32. Penny Villa says:

    You have friends and loved ones to see you through, you are blessed. My Our Lord Surround you with His presence so you
    can see as He sees the blessings that abound in your life, and the lives you touch. Be well my friend, Penny Villa, Escondido.

  33. Penny Villa says:

    You have friends and loved ones to see you through, you are blessed. My Our Lord Surround you with His presence so can see as He sees the blessings that abound in your life, and the lives you touch. Be well my friend, Penny Villa, Escondido.

  34. Barb Keck says:

    I’ve always loved Kathleen and you too. Thank God she makes you laugh. I love your sense of humor and your advise on how to treat someone who is going though an illness such as yours. I will always remember that. Take care of yourself. I want to see you sitting next to Kathleen again very soon. Praying for you. Barb Keck

  35. Tony Foster says:

    Then she and I should sing a duet of ” Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and see how long it takes the Wicked Witch of the East AND West to stop us….

  36. Glad to hear from you! Remember “scarface” is already taken…God Bless!

  37. Laurel says:

    You make me smile

  38. Jan says:

    Love your comment today Loren but then I love your attitude anyway.Humor has always been a way to get through for me. You sure have many good friends. I like that.Be well….Jan

  39. geri says:

    we love ya, man!!

  40. Jan Pollard says:

    You’re ugly? Is that how this is supposed to go?
    j/k 😀

  41. Judy Wheatley says:

    I LOVE it!!!! Please encourage Kathleen to see the play “Glorious” about Florence Foster Jenkins

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