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The pathology results are in for the fluid in Dad’s brain…

There was a chance that the fluid was either (in order from best to worst news) dead/dying cancer cells, goo from the trauma of surgery (and/or hitting his head multiple times since), or new cancer cells forming.

—drumroll please—


HOORAY!  And a follow up MRI, 24 hours after surgery, revealed that it had not returned. Mom said she felt like driving down the street, windows open, yelling “THERE’S NO FLUID!!”

Mom had been {glam}camping in the new R.V. outside the hospital all week (with a german shepherd and two pomeranians in tow), and she was ready and waiting in her hospital-front campsite when Dad was sprung from his much bigger room at Scripps on Saturday morning (4/20/13).

From the hospital, he and Mom went where all people go after brain surgery———Nordstrom’s (of course)! Dad even attended a housewarming party that same day, where Graham played guitar and we all celebrated the latest good news.

On Sunday, Mom and Dad headed out for their first R.V. road trip! Their tentative plan is to drive up the coast toward wine country. I’ll post updates as I receive them.


Oh—In case you were wondering how things went when Dad read (on his own blog no less) that I’d crashed his car on the way to the hospital; Here’s the text I received from him on Friday morning (the day after the accident and subsequent blog post, where I slyly revealed it to Dad):


Hannah Jane Nancarrow is a San Diego State University alumni, with a B.A. in journalism and new media. After graduating in 2011, Hannah worked in local T.V. news before her dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Hannah managed and contributed to her dad’s incredibly popular blog ( and social media platforms before he passed away, after 11 months of bravely battling and blogging. The diagnosis was a catalyst for her own writing and for following each whim and dream. Today, Hannah writes her own blog and has been a keynote speaker at San Diego Women's Week, Relay for Life, and a top fundraiser for cancer-related causes throughout San Diego. Hannah also has a passion for health and fitness, since losing 75 pounds in 2011. She earned her Spinning® and group fitness instructor certifications, and teaches weekly cycle classes in Encinitas, California. Hannah also earned her real estate license and works in the family business, Nancarrow Realty Group, in North County San Diego.

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97 comments on “The Text
  1. Lucas says:

    When my wife filed her first return years ago, her pternas told her while she was writing her check “don’t forget to write ‘taxes suck’ in the memo section,” and she’d begun writing it before realizing they were only joking.

  2. Great post with lots of important stuff.

  3. So that’s the case? Quite a revelation that is.

  4. Selene says:

    Your baby blankets look abeolutsly adorable. I love how they are unisex so You can save it for the next baby or pass it down to family and friends. I have a seven month old son named Oliver who would love to snuggle up in the yellow/grey blanket.

  5. As this verse goes the southern delta region is known for charming its visitors.

    I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend that money on an attraction or nice dinner somewhere. It used to be that I used a plain pancake mix of some sort with white bleached flour and shortening and the essentials of baking soda and baking powder.

  6. Judy The Taylor One says:


    Thank you for keeping us posted when your father is “busy”.

    It feels so great to read your father’s posts but I have to admit you most certainly make me smile. You are all blessed to be in such a fabulous family!

    Judy (The Taylor One)

  7. Jackie Owens says:

    Oh Joy!!!!!Such grand news. I am sure they will enjoy their RV trip to wine country. Tip a few for me Loren. A toast is definitely in the works for the grand news. Continued good reports are anticipated and enjoy your RV ing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh sweet Hannah…So glad to hear “The Fluid is Gone!” and mom and dad are enjoying their road trip. My heart goes out to you sweetie. My kids lost their father to Cancer when they were 12 and 14. I know how much you need and want your daddy here and I believe he will be with you for a long, long time. He is one tough guy. After numerous fender benders and a couple of totaled cars, ouch, I can tell you the only question in my mind was, “ARE MY KIDS OK?”. You are loved Hannah and that big piece of metal can be fixed or replaced. Had a few fender benders myself. 🙂

    Hugs and be safe…Linda Garnica

  9. Chantal Saipe says:

    Thanks for the great news!

    Sent from my iPhone

  10. Barbara Gillingham says:

    Good News from the pathologist. Terrific choice for the first Road Trip. You’ll have it all…Beautiful scenery, delicious food, wonderful wine… And several spots to relax, enjoy and take it all in. Enjoy…:)


  11. Louise Ganus says:

    Hooray for the good guys!! Thanks for filling us in. I remember when we were told that a major battle of cancer had been won, we too wanted to drive down the street with a bull horn announcing the good news to everyone. Give our best to your Mom and Dad and hope that they have a joyous and funfilled trip in the RV.

  12. Zippi says:

    Ah, the good news! And your dad did not kill you. hehehehe

  13. Steve says:

    Awesome news and very excited for your excitement. Well wishes to everyone.

  14. Sandy Scholz says:

    Such good news! Your progress has become my progress too and helps in my lung cancer healing. I can’t wait to follow your travels. All I can remember of my surgery at Scripps Green is the wonderful Torrey Pine Golf course and ocean view. Now I visualize a beautiful motor home parked out front as well. You made my day reading your blog. My healing prayers and love to you and your beautiful family…..Sandy Scholz

  15. Kris Q says:

    Goo-gone! YAY!

  16. Anonymous says:

    good news, glad to see. Hope they enjoy the road trip, keeping you all in our prayers

  17. gary and betty stewart says:

    AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Such wonderful news to end this crazy day…..enjoy your trip…..and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses…..oh…and stop and sip some nectar from the vineyards too!

  19. Ruth Wolf says:

    God Bless you Loren and ur family

  20. Jackie Kirkpatrick says:

    EXCELLENT news, Loren. Enjoy your journeys and wine country. ❤

  21. Barb Bolton says:

    Whew, glad to hear it is GOO! GOOD!

  22. Deb Spoonhour says:

    Ding, Dong the “Goo” is gone! That’s great news!! The drive up the coast should be beautiful this time of the year. I’m sure it’ll be much nicer than the scenery of the parking lot;). So did the dogs get to go on the trip too? I took mine up that way last year. It’s a great trip to take them on. Lots of good smells. At least that’s what I hear;). I hope they have a wonderful trip!

  23. Janis Pollard says:

    SUCH an answer to prayer ~ BEEEA YOU TI FULLLLLL.
    And I am certain that your Father realizes the value of You vs the value of the metal car. 😀

  24. nancypeevey says:

    Hannah, you don’t know me. I am one of the multitude praying for your Dad. I just have to compliment your brilliant writing! Your words make me want to keep reading : )
    Blessings to you and your family! Nancy

  25. Vince Moroney says:

    If you looked up dad in the dictionary….

  26. Marcia Kern says:

    We hope you have a full recovery. You are one of our favorites. (p.s. In the olden days, we used to see you buying doughnuts at the store.)

  27. foxtail56 says:

    Hi Hannah, Jan here….over 17 year survivor stg 4 ovarian cancer and no recurrence to date. I celebrate all the time! lol I cannot express my feelings about your Dad kiddo. Been following his progress since the begining and this news is just great. And your the best! Out here cheering your Dad on all the time. Thanks for all the updates Hannah. My best to all and be well…I am now off to Nordstroms . lol

  28. Trish aka Patti Lee says:

    Thank you so much for the update. I am thrilled with the good news. Camping – yay!!!


  29. Anonymous says:

    Woohoo, only goo! Great news!

  30. maggiebieker says:

    so awesome!

  31. Anonymous says:

    This is good news! So sorry Loren and the family is having to deal with all this, but so glad you have decided to share it with all of us. Thank you. We have a similar situation, dealing with a cancerous brain tumor in our family too. Thanks for your post. Enjoy your first of many RV trips.

  32. Anonymous says:

    O God Bless! Thank you Hannah for the update…keeping your father in our prayers.

  33. “There’s no fluid” is kinda hard to shout out and have people understand. But I can understand the excitement 🙂

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing Hannah…God Bless you and your family.

  35. Jane McGill says:

    Awe, Hannah, I am so glad to hear the good news and to hear they are going “glam” camping. lol. It is a dream of my husband and myself to get one and do that ourselves when we retire. I keep hearing about people getting sick, dying, etc. and I feel we should do it sooner rather than later. We both have had scrapes with cancer ourselves. whew…
    He is a good guy and obviously has a great family,too . I enjoy reading your blog and I feel like I am getting to know him again.

  36. Claudia says:

    I’m so glad to hear such a good report. Enjoy your road trip first of many!

  37. Kathy McChesney says:

    BIG BIG YAY on all fronts – & yes, you are a delightful writer. Thanks for the good news.

  38. Jeannine Hillis says:

    Great news!!! And he’s still got his sense of humor, and a great family. It will be good for your mom and dad to get away after the second surgery. So my prayers are still with you and your family. God bless you!!!

  39. Ariana B says:

    Wonderful news Hannah! And your dad’s right, your writing is great! Prayers for his continued recovery… God bless.

  40. Dianne says:

    Wonderful news! Tell them to enjoy the road trip, but watch it on the 101 up there it is pretty narrow and the passenger side s always looking down the side of a cliff 🙂

  41. Anonymous says:

    This is wonderful news!! :-)))

  42. Ida Herfurth says:

    Great news Hannah!!!! God bless. Ida

  43. Ron says:

    Happy to hear the news Hannah. That was great news. I first met your Dad back in the late 70’s and I have followed him as he moved around. He is a great man, a great Father obviously, and I know that his mission here is far from being over. We all keep praying for him and your entire family! God bless you all!
    Ron In Utah

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