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The Pinball

Central Oregon Waldport, 100 miles North of Coos Bay. I’ve learned what it’s like to be an inanimate object recently — specifically, a pinball. I awoke in the middle of the night and discovered the right side of my body

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The Kelp Forest Suite

 ***Click Play Below to Hear Loren’s Voice*** This walking a line between living and dying continues to make me question my own depth. I’m in my late fifties and I’ve never really considered death before. I’ve got a lot of

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A Blown Fuse and Safe Harbor

An Update From Susie: Sea Lions barking outside, the sound of water clipping the shore as we rest in Morro Bay. Living in the moment. Loren had fluid drained from his brain on Thursday and was released on Saturday. We

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The Text

The pathology results are in for the fluid in Dad’s brain… There was a chance that the fluid was either (in order from best to worst news) dead/dying cancer cells, goo from the trauma of surgery (and/or hitting his head

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