The Club

The past month, since I’ve been home, has been rough. New medicines, new challenges and the constant worry as to whether I’m feeling symptoms of recovery or decline. I’m still not sure. But what I can say is the last two days I’ve been comfortable, a feeling I’ve learned not to take for granted. 

There’s something else I’ve been feeling lately. It’s a feeling of inclusion, of belonging to a group of badass people fighting for their lives. Everyday I’m shocked to learn just how many of you are joining in your own battles with cancer. And although it’s not a club we choose to join, I’m inspired by my teammates. I’m inspired their energy, their drive and their reluctance to give up.

For me, walking seems easier this week, so my goal is to do more of it. Hopefully by my next post, I’ll have dropped some of the steroid weight and I’ll be able to get around more easily.

Know that as my fight continues, I’m wishing strength for you in your own personal battles with illness and all of life’s other lemons.


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134 comments on “The Club
  1. Anonymous says:

    I can imagine your smile, Loren, as the Lord said to you, “Well done thou good and faithful servant, Enter into the joy of the Lord” HALLELUJAH!

  2. Anonymous says:

    On this one sided friendship I say farewell, you are the “Man”, the one we loved to watch, a brother in so many ways, you didn’t know me but you know me now.

  3. Cal McGaugh says:

    thanks for all your helpful tips and inspiration. Our gardens will always remind us of you.
    You touched so many, and we will always be grateful to have known you.

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

  4. Richard Hartman says:

    I am so Sad to hear of your passing. But I am happy that you’re suffering is over rest peace my friend . I will pray for you and your family

  5. taralynne73 says:

    Loren I am deeply saddened to hear about your passing. You are a true inspiration and gift. Love to your family and feel blessed to know you are an angel watching all of us.

  6. Michelelorgeinabinet says:

    You Loren are an angel on earth, and I am a mom and have a family (health issues) also a survivor of heo c I dunno…. a privilege today as I am still working I hurt, but I pray for a happy heart daily, I’m a young gramma, I love the families, the fight and the heart you share. Tough times don’t last tuff people do! I pray everyday for you and your family. As well as the others who journey through life’s challenges thank you for YOU ! I am a native here & value the gifts we have one day at a time. U are loved! M.

  7. cherstubbs says:

    At this very special time of year may you and all you hold dear have a peaceful and blessed Christmas!

  8. Cal McGaugh says:

    re my last post….sorry, no links allowed(?)……the Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo
    commercial, followed by the Chuck Norris Merry Christmas. =)

  9. Cal McGaugh says:

    Loren & Family,
    I hope this gives you a smile.
    (watch this first, full screen with sound)
    < >

    Then this…
    < >

    Merry Christmas,

  10. Anonymous says:

    What an incredible individual you are!
    From your non-judgmental acceptance of me as a “friend” when Jerry (RIP) introduced us at Frogs (after Susie cut Jerry and me down to size in her “step class”) to the great tennis game we had in RSF, you’ve always “walked your talk.” I follow your progress, and I pray for it. My best to you and Susie always, Hugh Stone

  11. Cal McGaugh says:

    Hey Loren,

    just wanted you to know how much we’ve admired you over the years. You’ve always been
    the most likeable, trustable, helpful, and the best example of San Diego televison, where ever you were….a really good guy…..someone I wish I had as a neighbor and surfing buddy.
    You have a beautiful family and we wish you all the best.

  12. Anna Sandoval says:

    21 years ago my 11 year-old cousin was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. He nearly died. No, let me rephrase that…he was on his deathbed. He also blew up on those steroids…the chemo….the radiation…he went through it all. But he survived, is doing well and is now 32 yrs -old. I’ve heard of so many other stories such as his. Keep fighting. Don’t lose hope. San Diego is praying for you.

  13. anniej says:

    Mr. Nancarrow: this evening I learned of your health challenge. I know this disease, as my mother had it. Allow me to say that you are blessed to have the love of your family and the respect of so many of us, who for years,matched as you educated us on so many levels. You Sir are in my prayers, as is your family.

  14. lynne says:

    miss seeing you on tv. Always felt like a friend. Watching a lot of Oprah Super Soul Sunday, People have said that no experience is wasted. That was interesting. Good luck. Lynne

  15. Teri Shekell says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your wonderful family. I too have a very dear friend that is battling cancer. Unfortunately the doctors have told her to go home and enjoy the rest of her time she has with family and friends because the treatments (there have been many) are no longer working on her. Her cancer has spread throughout her body. She started with breast cancer and it has evolved into such a huge monster that cannot be controlled. We also have a dear friends grandson, Parker Shaw, you might have heard about him. He is fighting nueroblastoma and we are all praying for NED when he goes to New York in a couple of weeks for more testing. I pray that GOD lays his hands upon all of you and heal you of this demon of a disease. As we all say to Lisa… KEEP THE FAITH and that goes to you too Loren!

  16. Jeannine Hillis says:

    Praying for you.

  17. Hi Loren,
    Was just thinking about you and read the news. Keep the Faith! You still have that great smile and swimmingly blue eyes.
    Your Chemosabe from Trumbull High ’71,
    Tom Kelly

  18. elucidated1 says:

    Loren, we had such a great time with our kids playing baseball in little league and pony league. Now I am a prostate cancer survivor. . . and Glenda, Sean and I are with you in this journey.

  19. Michele says:

    Loren….I didn’t know you were going through this fight. I have watched you for many years and feel like I know you personally. You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I am a survivor….and so are you!!!!

  20. Adeline says:

    You are an inspiration! I will keep the healing thoughts and prayers up for your thorough recovery!

  21. Anonymous says:

    You are an inspiration! I will keep the healing thoughts and prayers up for your thorough recovery!

  22. Bobbi says:

    ***Loren, you are such an insperiation! Thank you so much for keeping us informed! I pray for you everyday.

  23. Cherie says:

    Your insight and inspiration continue to amaze me! The best of thoughts to you and your family…

  24. Bill Hirr says:

    youR JourneY iS verY InteResTinG==GOD BLeSS YoU, iN _J E S U S_ HOLY_NAME_†.

  25. Bill says:

    I believe a lot of our lives are used in two steps forward, then one back. Keep the faith. You will continual to be in our prayers. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought that I invented the “Club” three years ago when I became a member. My husband became a member a year later. Being a member just means that we have a special insight into the meaning of life, love, forgiveness, gratitude and family. Blessings to you this Thanksgiving season, and big hugs to your family.

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