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The pathology results are in for the fluid in Dad’s brain… There was a chance that the fluid was either (in order from best to worst news) dead/dying cancer cells, goo from the trauma of surgery (and/or hitting his head

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Surgery #2

Dad’s second brain surgery was at 7:15 this morning. He did very well and was awake and cracking jokes by 11AM—all while sporting an impressive head bandage (although he refused my plea for a photo shoot). It’s not yet clear

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The Smaller Room

Well here we are again. A smaller room this time but back to the hospital it is. Allow me just a moment to say: Damn! And things had been going so well. Here’s the timeline: January 27, 2013 — Discovered

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When Life Gives You Lemons

Here’s a piece I wrote for San Diego Magazine. You can find it in their April 2013 issue. I hope you like it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ My favorite news photographer likes to tell me I can do anything with a couple of lemons.

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So, now you’ve got blue nails…

I rolled out of bed this morning laughing at the thought of my formerly-buttoned-down, conservative friends awaking to cobalt blue fingernails. The last couple days you’ve put on a lovely coat of polish and now you’re faced with actually living

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Uncle Lou

Uncle Lou long outlived his contemporaries. He ate like a bird and always made appointments. Lou Dameson died a few months back. As best we can tell, he was close to 100 years old—ages after lung cancer was supposed to

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Cobalt Blue

My friend, Bill Toone, is a wildlife biologist. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that he boils the  whole world down into the chemical reactions that make us who we are. We eat because of chemical reactions. We breed

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