Reporting Live From Hell

This is Loren Nancarrow, reporting live from hell…

The hospital has a lot of devices — most of them meant to inflict pain. They say they’ll help you — but they hurt you. To say I’ve been poked and prodded is a vast understatement. 7 days now and they show no sign of letting up — but I’m not gonna let ‘em win.

Hold on…my blood pressure monitor just went off – they’re winning for the moment, but the bastards can’t have me yet.

This challenging visit has reminded me how real this is, but it has also hardened me for the fight ahead. I don’t have a lot of energy to carry on today except to say that if you’ve got cancer: DON’T FREAKING GIVE UP.

I know they’ll spring me from this place feeling better and ready to carry on. And by the way, September 21st is coming (the SDBTF 5k in Point Loma). If I can be there…so can you.

Thanks for everything,


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179 comments on “Reporting Live From Hell
  1. Diane Middleton says:

    Diane & John Middleton Dear Lorren, I am so sorry to hear of your illness. i used to cut your hair at Men’s West in San Diego. i am praying for you every day. it was a joy to know you…back in the 80″s. i always knew you were a great guy. Hang in there. You are not alone…so many people care about you…i wish you a speedy recovery..You and you family are just beautiful..God bless you. Sending love and prayers, Diane Middleton

  2. Anonymous says:

    Last time I took my tumor to th
    e hospital I thought – Dante’s Inferno…must have actually been a hospital (at lease from a patient’s vantage 🙂 ). They are a necessary evil. Although I must also confess to a few amazing nurses making a huge difference. Hope you get out as soon as possible. Best to you.

  3. Kris says:

    Hang in there, Loren. All the poking and prodding will stop soon…. Looking forward to seeing you at the 5K..if you want someone to walk with you, I’m on it!

  4. Joe V says:

    Hang in there, Loren! You have thousands of people pulling for

  5. Barbara says:

    Hey Loren!
    Praying for you, my friend!
    Take care, and many hugs!


  6. Rochelle says:

    Loren, Make sure your doing visualizations of the cancer getting eaten up and gone!!! Praying for your full recovery! STAY STRONG! Sooo many people thinking about you and caring!

  7. bonniewraps says:

    Dear Loren,
    Love. Love. Love. Lots of it. Every moment. From me to you. I hope you’re feeling better today than when you wrote this. From down, things can only look up, they say! I pray they are right. From your own personal Scarf Lady who has always held you dear in my heart and is your fan forever!!!!! Love, Bonnie

  8. Be an inspiration, oh, you’re doing that. Thinking of you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    We love ya Loren! I have beat mine so far, I know you can too! Xo

  10. suhunt says:

    Sept. 27th is also coming up….you made it another year. I believe you will beat this baby brother. Love you!

  11. Mickey says:

    Hi Loren,

    Thanks for the news from the hospital, hang in there and fight the good
    fight. Our niece had brain cancer years ago and it was a battle for her
    as well but now she is newly married and having the time of her life.
    And besides, you had best hang around for at least 100 more years
    because we would be lost if we were not able to see your smiling face,
    hear your sweet voice or read your words of wisdom. Yes, we all want
    to hug you too.

  12. Kym woods says:

    Praying for you, Loren🙏

  13. chip Parker says:

    My family and I are praying for you you are one of the real nice guys in the world you will win this game Santa wants to see you again

  14. Anonymous says:

    You are a hero to so many of us in San Diego. You inspire, teach, encouage all the time. Your transparency is helpful to all of us…..many of us are praying for you and look forward to the day you say ” I am cancer free !” God we are calling on You to heal Loren in Jesus name ! Amen ! Send angels to comfort him and fight with him !.

  15. Allison Ross says:

    Man I so admire ya buddy.
    If I could hug ya right now, Lorenzo, I would, and I wouldn’t let go for a while.

  16. Stay strong Loren . You will win. Laugh as much as you can. The universe is praying hard for you

    Love and hugs


  17. Virginia Sumner says:

    Hang in there Loren, keep up the fight. There are so many people out here who want to give you a great big hug.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Loren

      An old acquaintance from the Portales, ENMU days.

      I wish you the best. Fight strong, my friend, one day at a time.


  18. Anonymous says:

    LOREN, I’m a nurse and sometimes I forget what it is like to be on the other side of the bed. As a nurse I’m amazed at some people’s resilience and with you blogging your experience is not only awe inspiring but a reminder to live life to the best of your ability. I love your attitude and humor and my hopes and prayers are with you and your family.

  19. Kate says:


    I admire you for continuing to post and report “from hell.” You have so much strength and courage to continue sharing your battle. It is a wonderful gift you are giving all of us out here reading it. Everyone has their battles huge and small… your words help with all that or at the very least help us all appreciate the smooth sailing when it comes along.

    Sending you and your family healing thoughts and huge hugs. Hope you can all feel the love coming your way. I wish you and your family comfort and little bits of joy in every day!


  20. Nancy Woodward says:

    Keep your sense of humor Loren!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Loren this is great I am so happy you checked in!!!! YEAA!!! Keep fighting. Nothing but good thoughts for you and your family

  22. Stephanie Castro says:

    I have family that are waging their own battles against cancer. I think you already know that it’s ok to be angry about what’s happened to you. Also, that it’s critical to take that anger and turn it into laser-like energy to fight it. I’m truly angry for you and for anyone in the midst of this battle. However, I’m also bolstered by the strength, fortitude, dignity, and humor that you all have added to your arsenals to fight this demon. Bless you all.!

  23. Sherry says:

    Fight on! Stay strong and keep your sense of humor, that will keep you going thru this trip to hell and back. You are a warrior and we support you with love and prayers in your battle against this nasty foe. Best wishes, thank you for your inspiring blog!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Loren, I’ve heard you for many years. I fervently pray for you to overcome this health obstacle with help from the Great Physician. You are much loved.

  25. Adine Bagby says:

    Hang in there Loren, I went through 4 years of hell with my husband and he fought every second. You hand in there and beat this devil!!! My happy vibes are coming your way!!

  26. Karina Berg says:

    I hear you!

    I’m in the midst of treatment too….ovarian cancer that has metastasized everywhere, including to the brain. Just got out of the hospital too, after 5 days of poking and prodding.

  27. I started following you when we lived in San Diego and still keep up with your story because you are a passionate (and compassionate), compelling, inspiring person. I just wanted you to know. My best wishes to you as you beat that a-hole, Cancer.

  28. Lynda wagner says:

    Hang in there! I understand why you are discouraged. You have a beautiful sense of yourself and your family. Focus on that. Do not let your frustrations bring you down. Only happy thoughts and positive energy for you. Make sure you are wetting your whistle with those Italian ices.


  29. We were out to dinner with old friends of ours and yours and we were saying how much we miss you, we all wish you Hugs and Kisses.

    Pat and Oscar

  30. theresa says:

    I am filled with inspiration and admiration because of you Loren. Keep your spirits high, your sense of humor and your head and heart filled with the highest levels of optimism available to the human spirit- your mind is a powerful tool.

  31. Oh Loren, you of all people should never be in hell and it’s too soon for you to go to heaven. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain and really enjoy your optimism and courage and determination. With all our prayers and all your resolve, you just got to beat this thing. I’m encouraged by all the stories I’ve read from your followers about similar and worse situations where people have miraculous recoveries. I’m aware how grateful I am to you, your family, and all your “followers” who share their stories and empathize with yours. I find your blog uplifting, despite the sadness I feel for you and your family. Do you realize how powerful you’ve become to make the world a better place?! Looking forward to seeing you at the Nancarrow walk/run. Sending lots of love and prayers and hugs. Get well soon!!

  32. Marlene says:

    As a two time survivor, i know how your emotions go up and down and then sideways! It’s mind boggling that what they are doing to you can make you healthy again, but believe me, it does. Whatever your faith, rely on it. There is always “someone” listening and helping you to be bear what you must. There are things you can’t say to your family because they react with even more pain than they already share. When those times hit – as I’m sure they do – just know there of more survivors of cancer than ever before. We will count you as one of us, be brave, fight on! Good things will come of this when you look back and realize how much more you appreciate life and things that you neglected will take on new meaning.

    We don’t know each other, but we are family in cancer…and you WILL be a survivor. For some reason, I really believe in you and your strength. Fight on!

    • Tracey says:

      I love you Lauren and miss your beautiful spirit. I have enjoyed listening to you you over the years and I hope to see you on the air again soon! Love and Light

  33. Anonymous says:

    You are amazing!
    Keep on fighting we are all in your corner!!!

  34. Susan R. Wise says:

    Dear, dear Loren, Julian & I are sending along our heart-felt support + my prayers, for your “journey” through these periless hellish times! Our warmest regards to you, dear Susie, Hannah, Graham & darling Britta!! Stay strong, dear Loren and KNOW, the Lord is walking with you, through these very difficult times. Love, Susan & Julian Wise

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hold on to Jesus, He is with you.

    • Monica Way says:

      Loren. You have ALWAYS been cool……even when you were not…….sooo, I say, my young man or I say old man…..C;mon……..bring it on……”we, are with you”.

  36. cj says:

    I went through radiation treatment for prostate cancer about 3 years ago .I keep a positive outlook almost all the time. It’s not easy as you know. Thank you for your positive worfd

  37. Anonymous says:

    Sending prayers for strength to fight this Loren and to your family for their loving support!

  38. Anita Lawrence says:

    Isn’t great how the staff always wakes you up to take your vital signs? Keep fighting – we’ve got your back!

  39. Phil Fischman says:

    Dear Loren – what a gift you are! You are FILLED with LIGHT, LOVE and COURAGE….. Your HUMOR is incredible, forget weather…you should be doing standup! and your HEART dear FRIEND, is AMAZING. This is why SO MANY LOVE YOU and there is such an outpouring of support for you and Susie….all deserved. So DEAR FRIEND….count each breath as a BLESSING and stay focused on your HEALING and the LIGHT within you. Keep extending your hand to those who desire to hold and help you…and keep extending that middle finger to that blob! Visualize your healthy cells multiplying every moment…..

  40. Bonnie Shoultz says:

    Loren………….hang in there…………just know we are all rooting for you and think of you often and sending positive vibes…………….truly….keep fighting……………..Bonnie Shoultz wife of Jack Shoultz……….. organicjack

  41. Bridget Barahura says:

    This totally sucks. But you are definitely an inspiration. I’ve been dealing with health issues for a few years – not life-threatening, but definitely life-altering (my mantra on the bad days). Knowing that laughter can often be the best medicine, a friend told me about “Simon’s Cat” videos on You Tube (British guy who creates cartoons about his life with cats – spot on & ridiculously funny). It’s my go-to when I need a good dose of laughter. Stay tough and I hope they spring you soon.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Don’t give up Loren! You are amazing in that you are fighting such a tough fight and yet still helping others! Please let us know when you get out of there so we can picture you back in sunshine with your loving family….
    Hugs and prayers for you!

  43. Loren,

    Keep on keeping on!!

    Peace and Love,

  44. Willa says:

    Don’t let it get to you… are tough and can do it. Know you are loved and admired.
    Sometimes just a day makes a difference….yesterday may have been tough~~but today could be so much better. Hang tough.

  45. Andy Casillas Hein says:

    Amigo, you are the toughest hombre I know today. I know you’re giving this cancer a kick in it’s pittard. You keep at it Lorenzo. We are all pulling for you and your whole familia. You don’t have to show anyone any stinkin’ badges. Love you.

  46. lavelle snortum says:

    loren, hang in there…you’re winning! sending prayers and hugs to you and your family. snortum family

  47. Karla Imhoff says:

    Wishing you the very best! Hang on there buddy! You can do this!!!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Loren – we love you and are with you in your fight! Stay strong, XXOO Roy and Robin

  49. Cindy Wall says:

    Hi Loren,
    Yeah being in the hospital is difficult without a different doubt, but they have your back!! My brother is a Vietnam Veteran who has had cancer twice in his life, we think due to the agent Orange he was exposed to in the war. Both times he came through his fight against cancer!! His last fight with cancer was a year ago.
    Also an Officer that I worked with at Federal Prison down town @ M.C.C. S.D. his sister went through having brain cancer and she won her battle against it and was fine, so there is hope!!! I wanted you to know there is hope so please stay positive. From what I remember hers was like the worst form of brain cancer that you can have so Pat had put in a hard ship to be able to come to our prison here in San Diego to be closer to her. That was back in like 1991 when his sister went through her cancer.
    I wanted you to know yes it’s possible to go through brain cancer and still be alright!! I had forgotten about this till just a few minutes ago, I guess because it’s been a while ago. I think God shook my memory because this is something that you needed to know and hear about.
    Stay Strong and keep the faith!! You have tons of people praying for you to get t well. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. You have been there for all of us for so many years, always giving us so many wonderful tips and giving us our weather report, I remember you standing out there in some really crappy weather to give us your your report. I think it’s our time to do some thing for you and it’s in our thoughts and prayers. There is more power in prayer than most people will ever know or even understand.
    Stay strong in the storm my friend, remember that if God brings you to it he will get you through it because he loves you!! We will all stand by you in prayer. May God Bless you and your family, stay strong in faith as we will. Blessings always to you my friend!!!

  50. Hi Loren

    I left San Diego back in 1981 and long before I knew of your passion for gardening, Earth’s ecology and cooking. I too love those very things as my too other blogs attest to. Earth’s Internet ” focuses on underground networks and other mutualistic and other inter-relationships between vast differing living organisms in Nature. But I didn’t find out about your interest in such things until a few years ago. I presently live in Sweden.

    I truly hope that you can over come your obstacle here, but I wrote a piece for an acquaintance in Stockholm who is not overly religious who lost a Son. I hope you can relate to it and accept it in the purpose it was intended. Again, best wishes.

    Most Sincerely, Kevin Franck

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