Loren’s Story

 617283_300353283401904_1098848540_o-3For more than 30 years, Loren Nancarrow educated and enlightened San Diego T.V. viewers with his vast knowledge of Earth and its climate on ABC 10 News, CBS 8 News and Fox 5 News. Loren was an outspoken conservationist and environmentalist who was not afraid to air his (sometimes controversial) opinions about our planet.  As a weatherman, anchor and reporter, Loren was a 5-time Emmy winner and 4-time Golden Mic winner. Nancarrow was also the co-author of 4 organic gardening books with Random House.

Loren lived in San Diego’s North County with his wife, Susie, the owner of  Nancarrow Realty Group in North County, and their pets. They have three kids Graham (25), Hannah (24) and Britta (20).

Loren was diagnosed with stage III terminal brain cancer (Anaplastic Astrocytoma) in early February of 2013. He retired from his position as anchor on the Fox 5 evening news and he and his daughter, Hannah, co-authored this blog as a way of sharing his journey with thousands of friends and supporters.

After a courageous 11 month battle, Loren passed away on December 28, 2013. He is incredibly missed. You can read his obituary here.

112 comments on “Loren’s Story
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  7. Roger Jones says:

    Miss you buddy. We will meet up again and finish up one of the many talks we didn’t get the chance to complete. Until then!

  8. Hey Hannah! great blog! I’m sorry for your loss. Your dad sounded like a great guy. -Bill

  9. Surf_Zen says:

    Eternal peace Loren………..thanks for all the memories over the decades I watched you on TV sharing your experiences. I watched you and Carol LeBeau anchor the evening news in the 80’s. When we had temporarily moved to the Bay area we watched you anchor the evening news. We even followed your organic gardening tips and now grow vegges.
    Your insightful anchor comments in 2012 about our modular house in Carlsbad will always remain with us. That video news cast is archived for our family.
    It was all so familiar for so long your enthusiasm will be remembered for the good human being you were and the happiness you shared with San Diego residents. This is a rare quality in today’s world.
    I read your daughters blog on the Lotus flower…….the bench in Del Mar is the lotus flower the politics of it is muddy. Let the Lotus flower bloom where ever it may it will be appreciated.

  10. Lanie says:

    A completely unrelated news article led to a link that led to another link that led to the name Loren Nancarrow. My family moved to San Diego in 1984 and watched Loren on the news. In 1988, we moved to the Bay area. One night the news came on and we saw Loren anchoring. It was a comfort as we missed San Diego – and the was an awesome anchor. So the end of 1990 rolled around and we moved back to San Diego – and a little while later, we again saw him as an anchor is SD. We always joked that he was following us around. He always exuded a warmth and friendliness that we enjoyed. He is now finished with this journey and on to the next. His legacy is his family and he leaves an amazing legacy.

  11. Cheryl & Jaimw says:

    My husband and I ran into Loren at the Sprouts in Encinitas. He stood and talked to us for the longest time. He was a sweet man who loved his family. For him to take time to chat with us was a very special moment for my husband and I. May you RIP, Loren. We love you !!

  12. julian s. santos, jr says:

    Deep sympathy and prayers to Nancarrow family. Farewell Loren, may God bless you eternal rest and peace.
    Its a pleasure to meet you last July 11, 2004 at Del Mar’s Flower & Garden Show, you are a very special and good person…thanks for all the things that you do.

  13. laurie says:


  14. Josette Frankel says:

    Dear Loren, I am one if the million anonymous women who had a crush on you. There’s so much heartfelt goodness that you communicated with such good humor, that you could not help fall in love with the wonderful spirit that still animates you on your next journey. This earth time is our lab time, very short and ultimately we all go home. I’m sure that God holds you in His/Her embrace and says, “Well done!”

  15. Todd says:

    Hannah and Nacarrow family, God Bless you! I worked at KUSI as a news photog back in 2000-2005 and Loren was always super nice to me out in the field, he even gave me solid advice on shooting macro shots of flowers, advice I use to this day! He also told me I should learn to write and produce, and that is what I do today. I remember him always being so kind to everyone, and I don’t think I will ever meet a person with knowledge of flowers and plants than him! I remember one time when Dave Scott and I were doing a live shot at the zoo, and Loren told Dave not to get too close to the billy goat because it would bite him, sure enough, Dave got bit on live TV 🙂 You could here Loren laughing uncontrollably in the background, I even swung the camera around and gave him a cameo on the KUSI Morning News lol. It is one of my favorite memories 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    Condolences to your family, and a commitment to pray for them and all you loved! See you today at the paddle!

  17. Back in 1988 I found some kittens in a restaurant dumpster and Loren was nearby, came over and did a news story on the rescue of the kittens. He was such a nice guy. Aloha and Mahalo ke Akua! Brian Vaughan

  18. David says:

    I was a press info officer for our police department for five years and had contact with a lot of local news folks. Loren was a solid professional and a really nice man. I will miss him a lot.

  19. Michele Norris says:

    Even though I moved to Knoxville almost 5 years ago, I’ve never forgot Loren. I’ve always loved him and his views about this planet. He will be missed and I grieve with his family.
    RIP sweet man.

  20. Sherry Lujan says:

    I am sorry to see that Loren has left this Earth, may he RIP! His story and journey were very inspirational and my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

  21. Melissa Scarfeo says:

    I am so sad. I didn’t know you personally but I met you 20 years ago. We we waiting in line and I was 6 months pregnant and feeling big as a cow. You smiled at me and asked “How far along are you?” I said 6 months and you replied, “I can’t believe it…you look so small!” I smiled the rest of the day. Now you are gone, and left on my birthday. I miss your smiling face on the nightly news and I know that every year, on my birthday I will remember that smile and remember the smile you gave me that day, 20 years ago. Godspeed, Melissa Scarfeo

  22. Sally Butterworth says:

    Loren was always an inspiration and although not physically here he continues to be an inspiration. Many positive thoughts and prayers for your family and friends.

  23. Maria E. Cervantes says:

    I just got the shocking news that my favorite anchorman has died of brain cancer.

    I enjoyed watching you on tv and will never forget the difference you made for every San Diegan you touched with your environmental knowledge.


    You will be missed!!

  24. Michael Cardosa says:

    Loren, you will be sorely missed. We had 13 years of on-location newscasts together and I always enjoyed your humor, good conversation and knowledge on so many topics. I wish your family peace and comfort, GodSpeed my friend, Mike Cardosa

  25. Anonymous says:

    I live in N.H. now but have many freinds that San Diego where I grew up, I loved to watch the news with my folks knowing his humor and smiling face where there to brighten our day,
    He will be sincerly miss in S.D and here in NH..
    Richard Roberts

  26. Lois Jenkins-Wallace says:

    So many great memories about this man, but what I’ll remember most is his beautiful smile and what he said to do to get rid of ants in the summertime! R.I.P. Loren; you will be greatly missed!!!

  27. As a San Diego Native I was saddened to hear about Loren’s passing. I will never forget his kind smile on TV everyday. RIP dear friend….your spirit lives on!! ❤

  28. nancy says:

    R.i.p. sweet man . You will be missed !

  29. Gary C. Atwood says:

    Loved this man! Great friend to this earth.

  30. galaxy911 says:

    Just a faithful viewer here wanting to thank you for all the joy and inspiration you have given my family. Much peace and love during your next journey. It will be wonderful! Many hugs.

  31. Hi Loren, You will know when enough is enough. As for what lies ahead, I truly believe that our Lord and Savior is waiting for us with open arms as are friends and loved ones that have gone ahead. I was at my Mothers bedside until she took her very last breath. During the hours, moments before her spirit left her body, she spoke a lot. I wrote down everything she said and it was obvious that she was directly communicating with those that had gone before her. You have put up the good fight you will know when its enough. Your very brave and have been an inspiration to so many of us that don’t know you personally but feel that we know you so well. I will keep you and your beautiful family in my prayers. God Bless and guide you.

  32. Anonymous says:

    You probably don’t remember me but, I use to work in Albq at another station. Many of us are fighting illness now. Sharing our energy is good therapy on so many levels. We are all fighting our own terribly personal battles–through the aching mornings, weary afternoons and sometimes –
    wrenching nights. I’m thinking of you. You are not alone.
    Marcia Simmons

  33. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your blog
    Beth Nancarrow

  34. anonymous says:

    Loren, I am a fellow environmentalist and have always enjoyed your news segments on pesticide-free gardening, composting, etc. I find it sadly ironic that you of all people have brain cancer. You ask when is enough, enough? My answer is when all the loose ends in your life are tied up. My mom died of breast cancer Dec 1997 – 16 years ago. She died when all the loose ends in her life were finally tied. She had been separated from her siblings when she was a baby. She yearned to meet them and search many years to find them. At the very young age of 63 she finally found them and met them. She died two days later – with all the issues in her life resolved. I am sending you and your family thoughts of peace and love.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Dear Nancarrow Family,

    Our prayers and thoughts go with all of you these hours now. Some hours seem to be so long. People will say “time heals” and I can share with you that this has been true for us. My husband Paul died on Dec. 12, 2011 from leukemia, we fought for two years and six weeks. I volunteer as a Eucharistic Minister at Sharp Memorial where we were treated. This commitment has truly been a gift in my healing process. I know many moments now seem so distant from this world, I will pray for you daily.

    God Bless,

    Margaret M. Nalty

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hello Loren. Your goodness & care for our city & our world is a continuing inspiration to us all. Know that you have left and continue to leave a big footprint (good one). I think you were the beginning of many of our collective enviornmental conscience here in San Diego. Yes enviornmental sinners have a concience because of you and when you know better you do better. Thank you. As for when is enough, enough? We lost our Mother to multiple myeloma 2-8-12 89 yrs young cause she sure did not think of herself as old. She even at her age expressed she wanted everything done possible till the very last. She was angry at her terminal diagnosis. our most fervent prayers was that she be able to find peace. 2 weeks before passing she told me she was tired of this and did not want to do this any more. although already on hospice I had not signed the final orders for DNR. Only then did I sign those papers. It is all so very personal & spiritual. It is your fight and your light. I tell you this. we still feel your warmth as always. With much love & respect from Southeast SanDiego. .

  37. Helen Duffy says:

    Each moment is precious and a special component of life. Even plants have dormant times but that is not an indicator that growth is not on-going or forthcoming – just that a period of quiet preparation for the next burst of life to come. Savor the quiet and seek the message within – because there is a message waiting to be discovered.

  38. gmaj1939 says:

    Dearest Loren, I am so sad that you and your family are facing this journey, but please know that a person with all the beauty that you have shown all of us will be at peace in the presents of a perfect God. I will pray for the peace of your family. Thank you.

  39. Patti Anderson says:

    Dear Loren, I guess when you are faced with “when is enough”, your heart will tell you. I pray that the inner peace, love and strength that you will feel, will be with you continuously. The community in which you, ( and my family as well), live is very loving and committed to being the best we can be. This is a very giving and caring community. May you find peace and as much love as your heart can hold. May your family continue to be your strength. May your North County “Family” be supportive.

    Patti Pasini-Anderson

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi Loren,

    I grew up watching you on ABC, CBS and FOX. My sister recently told me you had cancer and I was so sad. I don’t know you personally but as a kid, i watched you on television almost every day. I, myself was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 (stage III lymphoma). I went through six rounds of chemotherapy and i’m very blessed and thankful to be cancer free for three years now. I’ve read your blog and it brings me to tears to hear what you are going through. It’s great to hear that your family have been there for you every step of the way. Keep fighting and stay strong! Don’t ever give up!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Class Of 71

    Hey Loren,

    I’ve been following your blog since I heard about your health situation from Rob Nagourney. I’m praying for you and your family that everything will turn out well. Man do you have a beautiful family and from everything I see online they are wonderful as well. When I see pictures and read about you I can’t help but think how you haven’t changed a bit since we were friends at THS. Your alway smiling and have a great attitude. My parents are still living in Trumbull. Whenever I’m driving through Nichols I think about you. You were a really good friend and I truly hope things turn out well because you’re a great guy! I’ll continue to pray for you and you family.

    All The Best,

    Jamie Ochman

  42. Glenn Revell says:

    Stunned at the news of your illness, finally saw the story on KGTV this morning. I told Cheryl that you are among the kindest most generous people I know. Thank you for the part you played in making my work for the Sheriff’s Department a dream job. I hope it is of some comfort to know that tonight as my church, Del Cerro Baptist, performs an encore of the Christmas Story Tree on the Prado, we shall hold you and those you love in our prayers. Best wishes and all my love in this challenging fight!!!

  43. Susan Lancaster says:

    I have enjoyed your TV work over the years and as a mountain person who loves gardening I always felt a connection. When Hal and Patty kept horses with my sister I used to hear what a great person you are. I have been battling cancer since 1991. I remember the chemo room and the radiation daily for several months. The healing garden is wonderful, I wish I was financially able to help but I am supporting you in thoughts and prayers. Keep remaining upbeat, smell the roses and love those around you. Best wishes. Susan Lancaster

  44. Carl says:

    Very sorry to hear of the families plight your dad is a great inspiration and a very nice man may he enjoy his time my prayers are with you all

  45. Elisha says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It truly useful & it helped me
    out a lot. I am hoping to give something back and help others like you helped

  46. steven cassell says:

    verylife worth it all. interesting, have seen you on tv for years,illness seems to connect us all because we are all at times facing soom very troubling situations,your family is what makes

  47. Pamela Timpson says:

    Hi loren,
    My thoughts an prayer’s are with you. Keep up the good Fight.
    Pam Timpson RN

  48. Gregg Cantor says:

    Hi Loren, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Keep fighting and spreading the word about Scripps!! Best, Gregg Cantor

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