The Kelp Forest Suite

 ***Click Play Below to Hear Loren’s Voice***

This walking a line between living and dying continues to make me question my own depth. I’m in my late fifties and I’ve never really considered death before. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Turns out much of my time these days is spent trying to stay alive—doctors appointments, hospital stays, medications etcetera. All the while, considering what it means to be alive.

I was alive this week. 

Freed from the hospital and onto the open road. Searching for any spot I haven’t seen—and any facet of Susie’s personality I haven’t explored.

I’m a visual person. When I listen to a poem or story there are pictures playing in my mind. The news photographers, with whom I’ve been best paired over the years, challenged me with their beautiful pictures. Can’t have stunning scenery and dull verbs. Since I was young, I’ve pictured what it would be like to be a writer, in romantic terms. My ideal setting would be a cottage on a wharf, water lapping amongst the kelp forest, boat rigging clanging softly, an occasional seagull screech—and can’t do without a fog horn piping in. Inside the cottage—an ornery old cat, a big lovable dog, a potbelly stove and something warm in a cup. My writing table is at the window. The words just flow.

We pulled into Morro Bay this week, with great tunes playing in the background. I described to Susie my ideal nest for the night. She pulled the van over to the side of the road and tapped her fingers on the screen of her iPhone before driving about  another hundred yards. We pulled up in front the Estero Inn, a modern equivalent of the romantic writing scene I just described. There was only one room left—the Kelp Forest Suite.

To me, this is how it feels to be alive.



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83 comments on “The Kelp Forest Suite
  1. Fletcher Reynolds says:

    I remember this trip. It was special for him and all of us in his final days. Miss him still like everyone here. Wish he was back with us.

  2. Vicki Markley says:

    Loren’s voice always leaves me spellbound~

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    • Fletch says:

      Nick, May I suggest you search for some other way to make a living and not bother Loren at this time.

    • Thank you Nick. You are kind. I currently employ a young woman to be the brightest star in the field, and a writer in great demand, as well. Her name is Hannah Jane, and I’m sure she’d enjoy hear your ideas, as she expands her. For now please remove the sales pitch from our page. Have a great 4th. Best, Loren

  4. Sherry Walborn says:

    God love ya Loren. The eyes of your soul are beautifully open. And the Kelp Forest Suite… the last room… My mom, who is now in heaven would call that a Godcidence… You appreciated the gift that was given to you. That’s the beautiful part. Thank you for inspiring us sharing your journey. We celebrate with you during your victories and in your dark times… we are behind you as prayer warriors.

    • Peacewolf says:

      My mom is 93 yrs old. About 20 years ago you gave her a hug. You had given a talk at the Garden Club, and she asked if she could shake your hand and you gave her the gift of a hug. She remembers that. I asked if she wanted to hear your voice and she said no because she is sad that you are sick. I played it anyway. She enjoyed it. She has lived in San Dirgo for about 60 yrs, and has followed you around for however long you’ve been broadcasting. She loves you for your love of San Diego, the environment and your respect for Mother Nature. You are a wonderful person. Thank you for your blog, and your spirituality.

  5. Kathy Roel says:

    Truly amazing

  6. On the Path says:

    Thank you for sharing

  7. Shannon White says:

    What a fine way to celebrate life. A cancer survivor myself, I can appreciate the simpler things in life. ❤

  8. Liz Brand Respess says:

    Loren, you have nourished my life for so many years, and solved a few problems, too. I’m so grateful for “Dead Snails “, too. I’, so grateful to have this time to say “Thank You” for all your inspiration. Liz

  9. Joyce W ard says:

    I am so inspired and touched by all of your writings, Loren. It is wonderful to hear your voice. Each time I read/hear a blog, I give our beloved Arlo a giant hug. He usually finagles a belly rub, too, & makes deep, gutteral sounds of pure contentment.

  10. Debbie says:

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  11. Randy Baker says:

    We’re not big fans of touristy destinations but one we’ll make an exception for is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Short of suiting up and diving in a kelp forest this is, IMHO, the next best way to grok kelp. Filtered light, brilliant Garibaldi dancing in and out of the amber strands and that marvelous strong smell that is so, so … beguiling … and bubbles. Lot of bubbles. It’s magical. I was certified to dive at the Ed Brawley Dive College right there on the edge of Cannery Row and I have such happy memories of just hovering and gliding through the “forest” at sunset when the shadows were most dramatic. Heaven.

    We were cautioned that kelp was a killer and that divers had been ensnared and had perished. We all carried big dive knives — just in case. But the truth is if you are humble and open and gentle the kelp is a friendly as a kitten. Fear it, fight it … or ignore it and it will grab you. Just like life.

    The whole world is better for you and Suzie rambling happy. Keep on keeping on!

  12. Anonymous says:

    There is a great nursery in Morro Bay and I believe a great herring refuge near by. It’s been several years since we passed through Morro Bay, quite lovely this time of year.

  13. Sandy Scholz says:

    Your words touched my heart as I’m living the same path you are at this time too. Staying alive and enjoying each day with friends and loved ones and embracing nature to the max is our healing nectar. Thank you for sharing your joy.

  14. Etoile says:

    Taking it all in…in the moment, what a great example you are setting for us all! Miss you xo

  15. Vicki Summers says:

    A beautiful story from a beautiful man. Bless your mind and your courage as you live out your reality with your family. Thank you for sharing your words, they are a gift and can be seen by all of us as well. God be with you and your family now and always.

  16. Janis Pollard says:

    Beautiful words, written.
    Lovely and perfect gift of your ideal writing spot, with your perfect mate, room name fitting your spoken plea.
    God giving you your heart’s desires.
    He loves you, unconditionally.
    So glad you are having these experiences, and praying you live a long and fruitful life, but right now, at least, you are LIVE-ing.

  17. Becky Nielsen says:

    Too bad the sugar at Madonna Inn isn’t “cobalt blue” instead of pink…….

  18. deedee says:

    If ever you really do need that ornery Ol’ cat….I’v got one….free delivery…he’s yours !

  19. Phil Fischman says:

    every day the things we see and hear are unique….gifts just for us to contemplate and play within the magic of these moments. that’s why today…and each day…is our present. You are blessed and gifted Loren….with love, this day, your family, your gifts….which are many and profound! blessings to you and yours XOxo

  20. Jennie M. says:

    Do evrything thing you two can think of. What a beautiful mind you have Loren. I could picture you cottage the the bay and Susie found it. Morro Bay is the spot to find it too. I may visit the Inn one day. Sounds peaceful, have a beautiful day.

    • Halimah says:

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    • Stacy says:

      they look great together a match made in heeavn i love her and he suites her so well congrats you too good luck. Number one key to marriage is talking let each other no how you feel and stand together no matter what. Good luck and congrats.Do you like this comment? 0 0

  21. Sammantha McDonald says:

    Hearing your voice again just made this beautiful post more special, Loren. May you continue to find joy on this trip!

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