The Sign Off


Walter Cronkite signed off the same way every night: “And that’s the way it is.” Paul Harvey had his own “…[pause]…[pause]…[pause]…good day!” There was Edward R. Murrow’s famous “Good night and good luck.” Even my favorite pretend newscasters had their nightly rituals. Chevy Chase did “Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.” And we all know how Ron Burgundy ended his broadcast.

A sign off is a newscaster’s signature—and I’ve never really had one. Well, that’s not entirely true—for the last couple of years it’s been “Goodnight everybody. Two and a Half Men is next.”  But now I find myself in need of a real sign off.

Still not sure how all this is gonna end for me with this brain cancer thing. But I do know that I’ve missed my last opportunity at a clever sign off. So consider this it. What I’m trying to say is I won’t be back on the evening news. 

Now, don’t go picking out songs to play at my funeral just yet. I’m still fighting the fight and doing just fine—but a left frontal lobe brain tumor and live TV don’t mix. To my Fox 5 colleagues: don’t worry I’ll still be available for fashion advice and tips involving lemons.

So, back to that sign off. Let me try a couple out on you:

Peace and compost, San Diego. Nah… that doesn’t work.

Goodnight and have a good dinner. Nope…

See, this is why I never had one. Ah, screw it…Goodnight everybody. Two and a Half Men is Next.

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73 comments on “The Sign Off
  1. Aloha Taylor says:

    Loren, when you have a smile that is so sincere and organic, there is no need for words for a “sign off” …Just a smile… After all, I could pick your smile out in a crowd, and how could anyone not smile back! Aloha, Aloha! We miss you!!!

  2. Ronald Mirolla says:

    Loren, you have a lot of fans that’s apparent. I remember the talks we had at Frogs, and thinking the definition of a genius is someone I agree with…you are a genius. Those Holiday parties at Frogs were something special. If only we would have realized how precious those time were. Your daughter is an amazing lady but what else would I expect. I to have an amazing daughter. I’ve often thought that she is the essence of my life and the reason I was here. I’m sure you understand. Hope were still looking at this blog years from now and this is just a chapter in your life.
    I wish you the best and hope I run into you and Sussie.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love you man!

  4. Anonymous says:

    In the past I have been reading your blog, don’t know why exactly but maybe couldn’t find the “play” button 😉 at any rate tonight I listened, I remembered, I smiled, I cried and I thought how fortunate we have all been to have you in our lives, my still stained carpet from the bleach in the Christmas tree juice to the knock on the door to say Hello to my dear Mom you had never met but knew she was a huge fan. I don’t think she washed that hand for a week, Pops was Ok with it as you had the OK cross gender crush value! Thank You! We Love you Loren 🙂
    PS Peace and compost San Diego is a winner

  5. Karen Silsby says:

    Hi Loren, Good to hear your voice again! You sound strong and determined–lots of good warrior energy! I too have had my skirmish with cancer and took a chemo drug for a few years. I found the sign in each day was just as helpful as the sign out. As someone said earlier, enjoying the sandwich is a good daily strategy. And I like your words, Peace and Compost, San Diego, because that just sums it all up for me during this journey of life. Peace when you can feel it and someday even enjoying the smelly pieces that will become a fertile ground for beauty. So thanks for the uplift. I could see you on the beach with that saying on your T-shirt, Peace and Compost San Diego….Just sounds right!

  6. Ruth Wolf says:

    You are an inspiration indeed Loren. God bless u and ur family
    Did u ever hear Frank Sinatra sign off after every show???

  7. Bonnie Jordan says:

    Oh Loren! I keep hoping ill run into you so I can give you a big hug!! I’m wondering if you’ve tried the body meditation I told you about? Also wondering if you’re still frequenting the Tibetan Healing Center? How I love your cheerful delivery of “the sign off” which made me smile fondly. Underneath your words, I’m hoping your deepest feelings match your post. Your daughter, Hannah, is so wise and strong and fun and funny! Wonder where she gets it??!! Anyway, it feels like you have such an awesome family–beautiful wife and kids. Tremendous love for you and support, tenfold more from the public. Your biggest source of strength and love and support , though, comes from you. Look inside, way deep down to the essence that makes you, you. There sits the key. Tap into it anytime. It’s always there…and it might just open the space with the perfect sign off—-whenever you may need it.



  8. Dawn says:

    I like ‘peace and compost’ best but second best is the ‘Two and a Half Men’ one, Love and laughter have brought you this far and will continue to dog you through your treatments and through the night. You have left your wonderful mark on many more than you can begin to know.

    Love and Hugs to you and yours,

  9. Phyllis says:

    Ray and I love your voice, Loren. So strong. May you feel the love and prayers from all of us out here, as you recover.

  10. Sonia says:

    How about Good night nurse. You will be missed on the evening news but you will never be missed as part of our lives. You will forever be that one man that moat of us will relate to, you were not just a newscaster you were unique I always felt as if you were sitting next to us on the couch and that is where you will always remain so untill tomorrow Good night nurse.

  11. Mona Morris says:

    Peace and compost, San Diego!!!! I likey Loren!!!

  12. Peacewolf says:

    Happy trails! I reaallyy love this blog. Almost as good as seeing you on tv. Hehe I don’t watch tv anyway! There. Is such an outpouring of love from your viewing public! Take everyone of these wonderful comments seriously and use that love to heal. But take the opportunity as often as necessary to Kick that. cancer’s butt!
    Rock on!

  13. anonymous says:

    How about, ‘good night, And I’ll see you tomorrow.” Lets us know you’re leaving, but only for a little bit. It leaves us knowing that you’ll be back with us again tomorrow and that you aren’t going anywhere.

  14. Peacewolf says:

    Ideas. Peace is Everyday

  15. Peacewolf says:

    Ahhh screw it indeed . (now that might work- nah). I do like Peace and compost.
    I do hope you are available to lend your words of wisdom to us, your devoted listeners. I do rather enjoy this blog thing…
    I read A Stroke of Insight- a good read. She has some interesting things to say about right brain/ left brain, and recovery. Of course a stroke and brain cancer/ surgery are different,but she does have some interesting uhh

  16. Karen Marsh says:

    “keep calm and chive on”
    bro you are awesome! tell yourself every morning 🙂 if you need a beer buddy call me even though i perfer tequila go figure…

  17. Catherine Saxton says:

    Actually Loren, Robert and I remember you saying, “bugs deserve to die” on more than one occasion, and it has been used on more than one occasion in our garden. We don’t use chemicals, either. “Love you” to that sweet family of yours, is enough of a nightly sign off.

  18. Jim Pilling says:

    When I lived in San Diego, until last year, I followed your newscasts from station to station and you interviewed me several times when I worked for City Schools Police. You are a trustworthy and classy newscaster.How about “Thanks for watching and good health to all”.

  19. Ed Zell says:

    Loren – As a Cleveland native I remember a local TV newscaster who signed off with “Thank you for your time this time until next time.” It always resonated because of the continued repeat of “time.” You, am I sure you have become much more aware of time, perhaps something we all need to do. Stay classy…

  20. Joan W says:

    I’ll miss having you here in my living room. You have been part of my life for so long. Now I enjoy your “talking blogs” … love hearing your familiar voice… and bless the technologies that make it all possible. Please keep them coming.

    I also have a mundane question but maybe you will enjoy it anyway … I love to be outside just listening to the world around me and there is one bird call that seems distinctive and lovely and I can’t see the little guy or girl!! Any idea where or who might be able to identify it for me?

    Keep on keeping on … heaps of blessings and good wishes to you

  21. Jeana davis says:

    Good night don’t let the bed bugs bite~ Nah, none of these you will be back… Ask for a miracle… My large mass is BENIGN !!!! after breast cancer last year I beat it !!!! In mty prayers~
    Jeanauss~ AUSS… alwyas under the same sky

  22. Louise Ganus says:

    Always thought sign offs were rather hokey no matter who used them. We agree with Tom Frederico. You are too good to need one.

  23. Will miss you on the TV, but not if you keep posting on this! Healing thoughts & prayers go to you & yours.

  24. Audra Burcham says:

    Listen, Loren! The way I see it is, if you and I survived Lea and Roosevelt counties NM then we can survive anything! Your old pal, Audra

    On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 3:45 PM, Loren Nancarrow wrote:

    > ** > lorennancarrow posted: “***PLEASE CLICK PLAY BELOW TO HEAR LOREN READ > ALONG*** Walter Cronkite signed off the same way every night: “And that’s > the way it is.” Paul Harvey had his own > “…[pause]…[pause]…[pause]…good day!” There was Edward R. Murrow’s > famous “Good n”

  25. audreywilmot says:

    I have a special Siggn off , Well Maybe
    This is Loren Nancarrow Alive and Kicking

  26. Deb says:

    Well, I’m sort of liking peace and compost. It definitely lets us know it’s you. Peace out! (and compost!).

  27. Andy Casillas Hein says:

    In all my broadcast career I’ve endured some really corny sign offs. The worst one, from a radio DJ in Phoenix, “wishing you green lights and blue skies” You seem to have forgotten,or are in denial, that (in)famous 11pm newscast, “This Day” on Ch. 8 many years ago where the sign off was a rehash of top headlines with the finish, “All on This Day.”. I was usually standing behind camera in a part of the set hidden from you, putting a finger in my mouth to signify my feelings about that closing line. Memories… Anyway, I’m glad you didn’t do any trite phrase that will be your legacy. You did it right all this time, stay classy Lorenzo.

  28. Sofia says:

    Loren, your courage and faith inspire me. I look forward to your blogs. Your faith is what is going to get you through this. Nothing more. Nothing less. You were put on this planet for a reason. I just saw something yesterday that I want to see when I go to heaven…”Well Done, good and faithful servant”.
    Keep running the race and don’t ever, ever give up!

  29. And here I thought your sign off was: “…and I’m Loren Nancarrow.” Actually, that’s one of the first times I remember laughing really hard with you as our friendship was just beginning to bloom. So, for me…it’s a “sign on” marking when you started becoming such an important and loved part of my life.
    The only sign off I want to see from you is “see ya later.” Now, that I like.

  30. Jackie Owens says:

    Dear Loren. So sorry you have made the decision not to return to live TV. But I can understand. You want to do the best job you can and if you can’t do that at this time, then a little time off is good. Working on your skills as needed, or to just take a break and enjoy the family and traveling. San Diego will miss you and your composting tips but please keep blogging as long as possible making easier for your fans to keep in touch.
    Blessing to the entire family and continued good healing and remission to you.

  31. Sharon says:

    Although we will miss you each and every day on the news your wisdom and advice will be with us forever. I can’t count the times I googled you for advice and it was all as valuable AS ARE YOU!!!! Be strong and keep encourging all of us to put one foot in front of th other as we encourge you. I have hope that your outcom will be outrageously, unexpectedly, positive and we will continue to see your blogs, tips and words of encoragement for a VERY LONG TIME!


  32. Sandy says:

    I just read a wonderful book called “To Heaven and Back” by Mary C. Neal, MD. I highly recommend it to you.

  33. anonymous says:

    We’ll miss seeing you on TV, Loren. But then, you’re never really gone. Your presence on TV is in our memories … and on tape! (It’s TV, not an Etch-a-Sketch.) And now we’ll just get our “Loren fix” on your blog instead of TV. Keep writing!!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Since “stay classy San Diego” has already been used, how about “stay happy San Diego”.
    Actually, you don’t need a sign off. You smile and voice stay with everyone who has watched you.

  35. Cindy Page says:

    Words cannot express what you have meant to the city of San Diego. You have contributed so much in your many years on the air. Praying for healing and strength for you and your family, and for a miracle. And if one doesn’t happen, know that you have done amazing things with your time here. Well done.

  36. Paula says:

    Don’t give up the good fight…..Only GOD knows how the story will end….

  37. Loren thank you for sharing your journey with style and grace and from a place of love and compassion. I drove to San Dieguito Park last week and climbed through the trails in the rain and thought about you while out there. You inspired me to start writing and blog. As I drove home I noticed the real estate office with your name on it and tossed my card in the mail slot intending for it to find its way to you.
    Peace and Love

  38. Nenette Popiela-West says:

    As always, I wish you and your family well!

  39. Chris Lavin says:

    Can I suggest you take a lead from the philosopher musician Warren Zevon whose advice to us all under circumstances similar was simply:
    Enjoy every sandwich.
    I do greatly admire the spirit and openness with which you, in sharing your challenge, are enriching all our lives.
    All the best,
    Chris and Gina

  40. Jim McInnes says:

    You’re still my favorite news anchor whether you’re on my TV or on my computer screen. I hope to see you soon, Loren.

  41. Heidi says:

    I think you never needed a sign off at the end of the news. We always knew you were going to be somewhere! And if you start selling tickets as a fund raiser for your funeral, let me know so I can come down from Seattle. But I’m sure that won’t happen for a few more years from now. What you need is to be nasty to this tumor. And the longer you’re not focusing on it, the more time you will have. It worked for my dad – he was so ornery going through his illness. But I beg you, don’t do what my dad did. He got his teeth cleaned a week before he passed!!! But that was my dad and he was a dentist!

  42. Patty Howell says:

    I think it’s good you’ve come to this realization that you won’t be back on the news. And there is plenty of life beyond the news, but how could you ever have topped “Peace and compost, San Diego” for uniqueness and good advice combined! Love to you, P.

  43. May God bless you always……

  44. Evening news without Norman Ranchero is evening news not worth watching. You sir, are an institution.

  45. Virginia Seals says:

    Loren, I have been following your blog and somehow wish your cancer would magically go away. I admire you and hope the best for you and your family. Been a fan forever. God Bless

  46. Josh Board says:

    Two and a Half Men isn’t the same without Charlie Sheen. And the nightly news isn’t the same without you! All of our thoughts and prayers are with you (I couldn’t decide whether to end with the “thoughts and prayers” line, or jokingly saying something about how “Charlie Sheen is no Nancarrow!”)

  47. Kevin Lawrence says:

    Your blog has helped with the healing process of losing my dad to same tumor you are fighting….fight till the end. Savor every moment with your family.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Love you Loren, and know that somehow everything is going to work out

  49. Karla Imhoff says:

    “Good night and hug your loved ones tight and often!!”

  50. You were too good to need one in my opinion.

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